May 19, 2014

Random Updates

Some random updates for my Volleyball Fans and Families:

*  NCAA Division I Volleyball Recruiting Calendar is currently in a Quiet Period which ends on May 23rd.  This means DI coaches cannot leave campus to recruit, but non-DI coaches can.

*  If you are a current or graduated Senior, it is not too late to find a school and/or secure a scholarship - I have a number of coaching friends, mainly in the JC and NAIA ranks which are still looking for players for the fall!!!  

*  May/June is a great time period for Unofficial Visits, even if you don't meet with the college coach; take drive trips to schools which fit your recruiting parameters because you need to get the perspective of different campuses.  Only fly to a school/program which has indicated that you are a scholarship candidate - How do you know?  You ask......remember that this is a business.

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