April 28, 2014

Collegiate Sand Volleyball

Hey Coach,

Just poking some fun at ya!  I know you came down hard on the merits of collegiate sand volleyball…just wondering if you have softened your stance especially in light of this article…

Maybe add sand volleyball to your recruiting package…just a thought!


Thank you for the email and I did see the article.  This is my concern:

"Administrators find sand volleyball an appealing sport to add for a variety of reasons. It increases participation opportunities for female athletes, it costs relatively little to start a team, and just as little to keep up the annual operating costs. A team can be fielded without recruiting a single new player or hiring any additional coaches by utilizing athletes and staff from the indoor version of the sport."

This is my issue; "A Team can be fielded without recruiting a single new player or hiring any additional coaches". 

If this is the rationale for sand volleyball, then it will only ever be just an equity sideshow.  

That is my entire argument; do it for real or do not do it all at.  Hire a complete Sand VB staff, recruit and scholarship exclusive sand volleyball athletes, then I will be behind this sport 100%.  All of this can be done for the salary being paid to the linebackers coach on the football team.

There are a few schools which treat sand volleyball as separate from indoor, but too many that just follow the above quote from the article.


Darn, as always you have an excellent comeback!  But, maybe this is how emerging sports at the college level are birthed…usually not pretty and some “pain” involvedJ.  I still think it would be an excellent addition to your recruiting package though…just saying!

Take care and thanks for responding…you are a true professional.


It is my understanding that once the NCAA removes the "emerging" tag from Sand Volleyball, then NCSA Athletic Recruiting will begin to support athletes in their recruiting efforts for Sand Volleyball.

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