March 31, 2014

Come see The College Volleyball Coach!

VolleyFamilies - For all of us, this is the crazy time of the Club Volleyball season.  During this stretch of the calendar, there is a National Qualifier or major club tournament every weekend and we are all on the road for our great sport!

I receive questions from families about my travel and speaking schedule, so I wanted to put out my schedule for all to see. Hopefully there is an event you can attend, as it is always great to meet the folks who read my site.  I have linked back to each event page for further information.

My April Travel Schedule:

April 3rd - AVCA/NCSA College Prep Combine in Houston at the JVA World Challenge.  

April 4th and 5th - JVA World Challenge in Houston.  

April 11th and 12th - ShowMe National Qualifier in Kansas City.

April 24th - Far Westerns Recruiting Combine - Reno.

April 25th and 26th - Far Westerns National Qualifier - Reno.

April 27th - Vacation in Hawaii because I will be worn out and need to go surfing to shut down the mind!

My twitter is @collegevbcoach and my Facebook is

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