February 17, 2014

College Volleyball Recruiting Success Story!

These make me happy and VolleyFamilies should find many pearls of wisdom from someone who went through the recruiting process already!!!

Hi Coach.  I first wrote to you for advice a couple of years ago and followed your words of wisdom on several occasions.  I just wanted to send a “happily ever after” note to let you know that my daughter enjoyed her first year of college volleyball at the D3 level.  She had decided on D3 sometime in her junior year.  

Somewhere along the way she figured out that she didn’t want her entire life and college experience to be about volleyball and well, the hyper-competitive club and high school environment and absolutely crazy coaches probably had something to do with her decision as well.  She made a big push her senior year to do what she could to attend the best academic school she could get into.  Most important for VB girls seeking to play for most D3 programs, are their grades and SAT scores.  With a 3.9GPA and 1960 SAT, my daughter was considered average among many of these schools.  

This is where VB gave her the push.  Many D3 coaches really wanted her on their team and I’m sure this gave her that little extra she needed for acceptance…. apparently, there aren’t a lot of 6’0” California-experienced players looking to go to the east coast to play VB!  So, in the end, she wound up with the best of both worlds (at least in her world).  She very much enjoyed her first year of college volleyball (even though she fractured her wrist, a story for another day), and feels very proud of her academic accomplishments thus far.

You advise and advise and advise…. don’t panic, don’t get caught up in the chaos.  I hope more parents take your advice.  Me, I tried, I really did!!  Also, you are right….. at the last couple of national tournaments of her senior year, my daughter was approached by a couple of D1 schools, a couple of D2 schools and several D3 schools.  She had plenty of choices, we just didn’t know it till the very end.  I also learned to listen to my daughter’s desires.  

Although I felt she could pay D1 VB, it wasn’t what she wanted and I had to let her make her own decision.  We shifted gears and spent our money on SAT prep courses and writing classes instead of private VB trainers.

Now I can relax on Saturday morning with a Mimosa and newspaper instead of lugging VB equipment, coolers with lunch (sometimes dinner) to a VB venue where you stand all day, listening to whistles blowing, girls crying, coaches yelling…. I thought I’d miss it, but have discovered…. not so much.  

Many, many thanks for helping us make it to the end!  C.S

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  1. Thank you for sharing. As mom of a freshman, it is nice to hear what lies ahead. The good stories and the thoughts of relaxing someday with a mimosa is good to keep in the back of my head as we go from venues and whistles and coolers. It is just the beginning and I just love to watch all the girls play.


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