December 9, 2013

NCAA Volleyball Transfer


My daughter who is a college sophmore will be transferring this year.  I read your post about transfers and it was very helpful and confirmed what I thought I knew. 

I have more questions:

1) Assume my daughter asks for a release immediately after the season and then starts contacting schools and a school wants to pick her up who has a scholarship available starting in the summer of 2014 or fall of 2014, but not spring of 2014.  Will her current school be obliged to pay for her sping semester 2014 since she did complete the fall season?
2) Same assumption as before - a school wants her that has a summer or fall 2014 scholarship, but not spring.  Is it possible to enroll part time (foot the bill herself) in the new school school and practice with her new team?
Thank you very much.


I am basing my answer on NCAA rules, not NAIA.

1) For Athletic Scholarships, they are one year agreements (academic year), so per the rules, an athletic department will provide the athletic scholarship for the school year, inclusive of the spring semester.  

Your daughter may be asked to continue training with the team (some college coaches can be weird about transfers).  If she is not mandated to continue with the team, she is obligated to fulfill 20 hours per week in athletic department responsibilities - She does not get to just do nothing for the spring semester and receive the athletic scholarship. What usually happens, is an athlete will help with home events, office matters, marketing/promotional efforts, etc., but not to exceed 20 hours per week.

2.  Enrolling mid academic year is a function of her transfer eligibility specific to college transfer unit counts.  As she is a sophomore, she has satisfied the one year of residence requirement to transfer, and now it is just a matter of the new school reviewing and accepting transferred units from the original school.  

Please note that there is a specific academic unit count per NCAA rules about how many units/credits an athlete must complete per term, and also note, that schools never accept every transfer credit.  Your daughter will 'lose' a certain number of units because they won't transfer, which will mandate either having to wait until end of term or taking extra classes in the spring/summer to get her unit transfer count up to the necessary amount. The only way to find out this transfer unit/credit count is to have her college transcripts reviewed by potential athletic department compliance officers.

Good luck!


Thanks so much for your prompt answer.  On question number two, assuming the coach let's her go mid year (which I think he will) I'm sure she'll be in fine shape credit wise.  She's already got 18 credits over what she needs so unless there's really a LOT of credits that don't transfer she should be good.
What I meant in the question was, can she be a part time student in the spring (less than 12 credits with us paying because scholarship doesn't start till fall 2014) in her new school and start practicing with the new team in the spring and then in fall of 2014 when scholarship takes affect she will have already started to work herself into the team .  I know that to retain a scholarship and play on the team you've got to carry 12 credits.  So my question was around the possibility of carrying less than a full load AND practicing with the team while she waits for the scholarship to be available.
Does that make sense?
Thank you so much.


Thank you for clarifying question #2 - No, she can't practice with the team without being enrolled in a full time schedule per NCAA rules, unless she has already graduated from college. 


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