November 28, 2013

NCAA Division I Sand Volleyball Scholarship

My daughter is a senior, will graduate in 2014.  She was offered a 4 year partial/tuition (out of state, California) sand scholarship after attending a sand camp they invited her to attend.  She asked them about playing indoor also since she plays both at a very high level.  They invited her to attend the indoor camp that next week.  

After proving that she could play both, they offered her a position on the team for 2014, but stated that they had already given that OH position scholarship to another athlete for 2014.  They would like her to be on an academic scholarship for her freshman year, she has a 3.8, and then stated that she would be on a full ride athletic volleyball scholarship for her last 3 years.  Is there any way to get this in writing?  

Since she would not be signing a letter of intent in Nov. of 2014,, she just has a verbal commitment. Is there ever monies left over from the prior season that can be given to an athlete who has verbally committed.  They are flying her to the school for her Official visit, but I have worries on not having anything in writing with so many possible factors changing.  

Also, if a player is not on an athletic scholarship, can they travel and participate as a team member prior to school starting in the fall, if many of the teams games are prior to the fall semester 2014?  Any information would be helpful .
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Sand Volleyball and Indoor Volleyball are considered separate NCAA sports, and thus have a certain ranking within the NCAA hierarchy with regards to scholarships.  For instance, NCAA DI women's basketball is ranked higher than DI Volleyball, so if a player participates in both sports and is on a scholarship, they must be carried on the higher ranked sport which is basketball (no basketball players may be carried on a VB scholarship).  

Indoor is higher than Sand for volleyball, that is why if your daughter is going to play indoor, she can't be on a sand volleyball scholarship (the school's first offer) and must walk on as an indoor player.

If you have read my site for long, or read Inside College Volleyball, you know I am very leery of any walk on to scholarship scenarios; not because all college coaches are selfish twits, but rather there is so much uncertainty within today's college volleyball environment.  Any promise you receive from the coach, who is the representative of the school, is nothing more than words in the air.

Absolutely ask for what was verbally explained to you in writing - If they won't put it in writing, it is not real.  Just remember that if that coach bails, or changes her/his mind, then you do not have a legal contract but having it in writing can only help.

Yes, non-athletic scholarship players are allowed to report/train/travel/compete before school begins and the athletic department will have a protocol for paying the expenses for pre-season activities for walk on players up to a specified date (usually when the residence halls/cafeteria opens for the traditional education term).

Good luck and just be hyper aware of what you are being told and not told; and, and, and keep asking questions!


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