November 7, 2013

Inside College Volleyball Promotion + NCAA DI Signing Period

If you have not purchased your copy of the greatest book written which focuses on college volleyball and recruiting (yes, I am talking about Inside College Volleyball), then the time is now.

For a limited time, if you purchase the hard copy version of Inside College Volleyball, you can get a Kindle version for just .99 cents!!!  

What a great way to get ready for club volleyball, college recruiting and avoiding having to talk to Aunt Edna (what is the reference VolleyFans?) during the holidays, by having two versions available of Inside College Volleyball?

If I have not linked Inside College Volleyball enough, then let's just pretend we are subbing in players NAIA style and get one more link - Inside College Volleyball with an accompanying .99 cent Kindle version!


Monday, November 11th is the start of the NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball signing period - It is also a NCAA Division I Dead Period.

For the NCAA DI Women's Volleyball Recruiting Calendar (good to know as we are entering the Recruiting Season for Volleyball) - Click HERE.

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