October 24, 2013

Unofficial Visit Questions for Volleyball Family

Coach Matt,
I have a question about questions. While on an unofficial visit what types of questions are appropriate for parents to ask? We'll be visiting a smaller D1 school in 2 weeks that is fully interested in my daughter. The head coach, who was an assistant at a large D1 previously where he began recruiting her, has basically given her an open door. There have been many phone calls between this coach and my daughter, he has seen her play in club and headed up her school camp for the last 2 years so they are very confortable with each other.
What types of questions should I be asking while there? Do you have a list that could help me? My main questions will obviously be about the financial part.
Ready to get this party started.

Glad to help get the 'party started'!!!

First off, I would search through the collegevolleyballcoach.com site for Unofficial Visit Questions or Official Visit Questions (the search box is lower right hand side), along with reading Inside College Volleyball for additional Unofficial Visit advice.

Some Questions I would ask:

What is the specific academic support for volleyball?

Is there a mandatory study hall for freshman?  Is this study hall extended to other classes depending upon gpa?

Where does the volleyball team lift/condition?

Is there a dedicated strength coach?

Does the team lift with any other programs?

How many times a day in the preseason do you practice?

What are the times?

Do you practice in season in the gym in which the team competes?  If not, why?

What time does the team practice once school starts?  

Does the team share the facility with another team, specifically the basketball programs? 

What happens to practice time, gym access when basketball starts practicing full team?

Who is the medical trainer for the team?

Is this trainer only assigned to the team during the season?  Does she travel with the team for matches?  If not, why?

Where do the on campus players eat?  Student cafeteria or is there specific athlete meal hall?  Can we see the meal hall?

Are there any diet restrictions placed upon the athletes?  If so, what are they?

Is there an alcohol policy specific to this program?

Is there a curfew during the season on campus?  Is there a curfew or bed check for the team when they travel?

Where do the incoming freshman volleyball players live?  Can we see an residence example?

Where do the returning players live? Can we see an example?

Is there any restrictions on where the players must live?  On or off campus?  By year?

Do players live with other volleyball players?  Is this mandatory?

How long is a typical league road trip? 

How does the team travel - Bus to airline?  Vans to airline?  How long is the drive before the team decides to fly?  

Are there any travel restrictions placed by the athletic department?

How much video is watched by the team or player?

Is this counted in the weekly limits for team/player participation hours?

Is there a specific location where film is watched?

What does the athletic department do in terms of marketing and promoting the volleyball team?

What is your average attendance for a league home match?

Where does that rank you in the league?

Does a band or cheerleaders come to the home matches?

Is there a specific volleyball booster organization?

Are the volleyball players expected to participate in fundraising activities?

Can you detail the volleyball training schedule for winter semester?

Is there class scheduling restrictions in the winter semester?

When can an athlete take labs?

Are accommodations made for the players if they have a must take class per their major which conflicts with VB in the winter?

What is the anticipated spring playing schedule?  How many tournaments? Where will they be?

When does the spring season or winter semester volleyball responsibilities finish?  How many days/weeks before final examinations?

Is summer school mandated for incoming players?  If so, both sessions or just one?

Is summer school mandated for returning players?  If so, both sessions or just one?

Does the athletic department provide a scholarship for summer school?

Exactly what is expected of VB players during summer school time frames for the program?

What does a Full Scholarship specifically cover with this school?

Does the school have any admission criteria above or beyond NCAA DI eligibility?

Is the scholarship offered multi-year guaranteed or year to year?

Do you have an multi-year employment contract?  If not, why?

What is the length of this contract?  Is it a rolling contract or when are you reviewed?

Is the AD who hired you still at this school?  How long has he/she been here?

Well, that should give you some stuff to chat about with the coaches!

Coach Matt

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