September 26, 2013

Volleyball Scholarship Leveraging

Hi Coach!

I have your book and read your column regularly. It's been a big help through this process. My daughter is starting her senior year. She is a 6' OH/RS and has interest from many schools. We have narrowed things down to a dozen or so D3 & D2 schools. (She wants a smaller school where the main focus is not athletics). We have been on several visits.

My question is one of her favorite D3 schools just gave her an Early Read from admissions. It said she would be accepted based on certain conditions and also showed the amount of scholarship money she would receive. Should I share this with the other schools she likes to see what there offer would be? Is that pushing things too early? If so, when is the best time? I'd like to know where they sit.

Obviously a considerable factor in making our decision is cost. I'd rather know sooner than later who could offer what, so we can narrow things down and focus on those schools that make sense. Some of these are a considerable distance from our home and we don't want to travel all over the place if the offers aren't considerable to what we can afford or at least match to her favorite.

Any help appreciated. 


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Absolutely share her scholarship amount with the other schools she is seriously considering.  That is part of the recruiting management process.  It is a competitive situation for these schools, both the D3 schools which are competing for her on the academic side and the D2 schools which are stacking scholarship support.  

This is no different than car shopping - You must play the Camry against the Accord and see who can give you the better deal.

As she is going into her senior year, now is the time to share her scholarship status with all the schools.  Remember that it is right now that college coaches know who will not return from this year's roster, because season practice has started and they know who they will cut.  Because they know this, they also know what additional money they will have available in 2014!

Lastly, remember that this is not the college coach's money, it is numbers on a piece of paper.  But, it is your money.  Too many families are hesitant or shy about putting their scholarship offers and needs on the table, because money can be an uncomfortable subject.  To make is more mentally manageable, I constantly remind families that it is not 'real' money for the coach or school, but it is real money for the family.

Coach Matt

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