September 9, 2013

NCAA Academic - Athletic Power Rankings

NCSA Athletic Recruiting puts together an annual Power Rankings of all NCAA schools - It is a nice resource which can allow families to take an educated look at NCAA member institutions.

Below is the Top 100 NCAA combined Power Ranking - To see the NCSA webpage which allows for separate NCAA Division I, Division II and Division III rankings, please click HERE.


The Collegiate Power Rankings from NCSA are calculated for each college/university at the NCAA Division I, II and III levels by averaging the Learfield Sports Directors' Cup ranking, the NCAA student-athlete graduation rate of each college/university and the U.S. News & World Report ranking.

SchoolDiv.US News RankGrad Rate RankDirector's CupPower Score
1Duke UniversityNCAA I-A88129
2Amherst CollegeNCAA III223610
2Stanford UniversityNCAA I-A623110
2University of Notre DameNCAA I174910
2Williams CollegeNCAA III129110
6Princeton UniversityNCAA I1233520
7Washington University in St. LouisNCAA III1444521
8Harvard UniversityNCAA I185722
8Northwestern UniversityNCAA I-A12144022
10Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyNCAA III6551024
10Yale UniversityNCAA I386224
12Johns Hopkins UniversityNCAA III1355725
13Bowdoin CollegeNCAA III6551726
14Dartmouth CollegeNCAA I1017027
15Cornell UniversityNCAA I15145929
16Middlebury CollegeNCAA III484330
17Haverford CollegeNCAA III9444131
17University of California - San DiegoNCAA II38342031
17Columbia UniversityNCAA I488131
20Emory UniversityNCAA III2084235
21University of ChicagoNCAA III4554836
22Bates CollegeNCAA III22553838
22Brown UniversityNCAA I1549438
24Georgetown UniversityNCAA I21346339
25Tufts UniversityNCAA III2884840
25Boston CollegeNCAA I31147640
27University of PennsylvaniaNCAA I82310244
27Carleton CollegeNCAA III8448044
29Claremont-Mudd-ScrippsNCAA III101111345
29Vanderbilt UniversityNCAA I-A17724645
31Washington & Lee UniversityNCAA III14725447
32Rice UniversityNCAA I172910450
32University of North Carolina at Chapel HillNCAA I30111850
34Wake Forest UniversityNCAA I27299851
35University of MiamiNCAA I-A44447153
36Penn State UniversityNCAA I-A46111654
36United States Naval AcademyNCAA I-A144410354
38Colorado School of MinesNCAA II77841057
39University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignNCAA I-A46983158
39Boston UniversityNCAA I51349058
41University of VirginiaNCAA I-A241342059
42Pepperdine UniversityNCAA I54349260
43Colby CollegeNCAA III187210565
44United States Air Force AcademyNCAA I-A31987367
45College of William & MaryNCAA I334412868
46Colgate UniversityNCAA I18818370
47Kenyon CollegeNCAA III321344771
47Wheaton College - IllinoisNCAA III561342371
49United States Military Academy at West PointNCAA I-A188411472
49Carnegie Mellon UniversityNCAA III231345872
51Pomona CollegeNCAA III49811773
51Virginia TechNCAA I721113673
53University of California - Los AngelesNCAA I-A24194374
53University of DenverNCAA I83845574
53Brandeis UniversityNCAA III337211674
56University of Michigan - Ann ArborNCAA I29194476
57Syracuse UniversityNCAA I-A581343977
58Colorado CollegeNCAA III281119678
59Simon Fraser UniversityNCAA II20013679
59Wellesley CollegeNCAA III65517679
61Ohio State UniversityNCAA I-A561671680
62Marquette UniversityNCAA I83728981
63DePauw UniversityNCAA III541672582
64Rollins CollegeNCAA II200342586
65Swarthmore CollegeNCAA III32922887
66Vassar CollegeNCAA III107218188
67St. Olaf CollegeNCAA III551674589
68Adelphi UniversityNCAA II155556090
68Michigan State UniversityNCAA I-A721673090
68New York UniversityNCAA III321538490
68University of AlabamaNCAA I-A771672690
68University of IowaNCAA I721346590
68Whitman CollegeNCAA III431537590
74Lafayette CollegeNCAA I391422191
75Texas Christian UniversityNCAA I-A921345092
75Davidson CollegeNCAA I-AA121425092
77Miami UniversityNCAA I-A897211993
78University of WisconsinNCAA I-A412152995
79Grinnell CollegeNCAA III2211115596
79Stonehill CollegeNCAA II200147496
81University of San DiegoNCAA I-AA921119198
82University of FloridaNCAA I-A54240299
83Seattle Pacific UniversityNCAA II2004457100
83Trinity CollegeNCAA III38153108100
85Augustana College - South DakotaNCAA II200986101
85Skidmore CollegeNCAA III4319467101
85Southern Methodist UniversityNCAA I-A5816778101
85University of VermontNCAA I9244168101
89University of DaytonNCAA I-AA11534156102
89University of Minnesota - Twin CitiesNCAA I-A6821522102
89Franklin & Marshall CollegeNCAA III4619465102
92University of RochesterNCAA III3321561103
92Villanova UniversityNCAA I-AA2003475103
94American UniversityNCAA I7714220104
94Gettysburg CollegeNCAA III4616799104
94Connecticut CollegeNCAA III4119478104
94Dickinson CollegeNCAA III4621550104
98University of New HampshireNCAA I10611197105
98Clemson UniversityNCAA I6819452105
100University of Maryland - College ParkNCAA I-A5821544106

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