August 19, 2013

College Volleyball Recruiting and Playing Position

Hello Coach!

My Name is Natalie and I am a 6'0 MB/OH from New York City in the class of 2015. 

Okay so I have numerous questions regarding recruiting and where to begin. The thing is, for my Varsity high school team, I play mainly outside. For my club team, I was the starting middle. 

I personally like to hit outside better and think I am better at it but running a 1 in the middle has gotten a lot better for me. Am I an average height for an OH on a D1 team?? Or should I be playing middle? Or am I too short for a MB on a D1 team?? 

Also, when contacting coaches, should I send the email myself or should my coach do it?? When is the best time to email coaches? Like around what month??? 

I will be starting my junior year this September & I am really serious about being recruited. Just aren't sure about what position I should be pursuing collegiality. Thanks! 

Glad to help, and let me hit you with some quick answers to your questions:

1.  If you like the Outside Hitter position more and you think you are better as an OH versus Middle Blocker, then this is the position you should be trying to play in college.  Too many PSA's try to play a position which is supposed to yield better recruiting options, versus the position they are best at/enjoy the most.

2.  Height of an OH for NCAA Division I depends on the level of the DI team - For a power conference team or top 25 team, 6' might be on on the small side, unless you have a scary good vertical.  But for a mid level D1 team, you would be average and on a lower level DI team, you could be tall.

3.  You should only play Middle Blocker if you want to play MB!  Again, pick what position you like and are most skilled at for considering college volleyball recruiting, not where you think you should play by other's input.

4.  There are many 6' MB's in Division I, they just tend to be in the mid-level DI (if the 6' MB jumps very high) or lower level DI teams.

5.   You should send the initial outreach email to the college coach, not your school or club coach. College coaches want to interact with you, not your high school or club coach.  In addition, this is your future, not your coach's future - You must take control of managing this effort as opposed to hoping someone else would do it for you.

6.  NOW is the best time to email coaches.  As you are going to be a junior, you are entering the prime years of recruiting.  Email often, and be patient - College coaches are busy with starting the most important part of their year; the season.  But, they never stop recruiting, so you can never stop reaching out.

I would suggest that because of your location (NYC is not a heavily recruited VB region) and your physical status, that you may want to consider NCSA Athletic Recruiting for support.

Good luck!

Coach Matt

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