August 26, 2013

College Volleyball Recruiting and NAIA

Hey Coach,

Wanted to ask a question. I am a rising senior setter 5'11 lefty. 

I have some good interest from a few D2 programs that like me as a redshirt, or a starting setter. Went on a few visits/camps this summer and have gotten 2 partial d2 offers. 

I just got back from a visit and was offered a full ride at NAIA school in a small town. I loved the girls on the team, the campus was awesome, the education program is a perfect fit. 

I am afraid..... should be waiting for d2 or low level d1 (maybe from Senior showcase in Vegas). 

All in all I loved the school, team etc. yes, it is a small town but is bad to go NAIA?



Thank you for your question and I have written about the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) as a volleyball opportunity in Inside College Volleyball.

The NAIA suffers from not having the huge media support which the NCAA enjoys, and as such, many folks don't realize what a great opportunity NAIA can be.  I know a number of NAIA programs which have great volleyball environments, and the players have a tremendous experience.

If you have found a four year school which provides you "the perfect fit" academically and you connected well with the players/coaches, and you have a full scholarship offer......then I have trouble seeing what the problem is???

As you referenced, there will be recruiting opportunities in NCAA D1/D2 when the early club volleyball tournaments come into play in 2014, but are these going to be as complete as the NAIA school.  Maybe yes, maybe no?  That is a gamble.  

Some families want and need the social validation of saying "NCAA Division I".....and these same families can have a very poor collegiate experience because they were focused upon the wrong thing in the recruiting process!

Listen to your inner voice.  Don't talk yourself in-to or out-off anything; just slow down mentally and listen to your inner voice.

Coach Matt

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