July 15, 2013

NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball Scholarships


I think this is a straightforward question, but I am having difficulty finding a concise answer "out there".  My daughter is a rising senior in the fall and has been communicating with a low-mid level D1 school all club season. This is her number one academic and athletic school.  She has made an unofficial visit at their request where we were told they were interested in her for MH/RS.  They said they were not looking at any other right sides. She is going to a camp at their school next week also at their suggestion.  She has been looking forward to working with the coaches and players and living on campus for a week to a get a feel of the whole thing.
This school is fortunate to be "fully funded" but the also carry a roster of about 15.  From what I have read D1 is a head count sport of 12 and everything says that "only 12 heads can be on scholarship"...does that mean that 12 are full ride and the other 3 get nothing?
We are concerned that she has not been made a verbal offer as of yet and that they want her as a free player....am I misunderstanding the rule?  I really thought that he told us during our meeting that everyone on the team gets some assistance = some full and some partial scholarships?  Can this be?
Also if she goes to the camp and still leaves without an offer made while on campus how do we ask what's up? They asked her to come - they said they were not recruiting anyone else for that position...she has 2 other schools where she has offers to play at, one D2 who has offered full ride with academic and athletic scholarships and one that we have not talked money with yet as they know we are essentially waiting on this other school.Suggestions?
signed - a volley family who feels sooo close to the finish line it hurts :)

Apologies for the delay in responding and hope my answers are still time pertinent.

1.  NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball is a Head Count sport where only 12 'heads' or players are allowed to be on any amount of athletic scholarship money.  

2.  The NCAA limit for scholarships for Division I women's volleyball is 12.  The result of this is that each of the 12 heads, at a fully funded program, will automatically be on a full athletic scholarship.

3.  Any players beyond the NCAA DI 12 athletic scholarship players, are allowed to receive non athletic aid (academic, merit, need, etc).  And with the flexibility most school's admissions/financial aid departments have, that many non-athletic scholarship athletes can still receive some type of aid. 

4.  I would not read too much into "only RS" because they may mean only right side they are looking at versus only right side they are scholarship recruiting.  The needs of the program can easily change from semester to semester.

5.  If post camp, they have not immediately offered a scholarship, then they will not be offering a scholarship (at this time).  She has taken an unofficial, they have seen her play and now she is going to camp - There is nothing else on the 'to-do' list for either side.  

A.  They are hoping to get her as a walk on.

B.  They are stalling out the process, incase they need to scholarship a MH/RS for next year, but for some reason, won't offer now.  

C.  Remember, that this is a business - Post camp, directly ask the coach (face, call or email) if a scholarship will be offered.  If they stall or they say they are thinking, then the answer is no.

6.  If they do not offer, then I suggest you move forward with the other school's which are offering athletic scholarships (either solo or combined) should a scholarship be necessary for your daughter to attend college (as it is with many athletes).

My final suggestion is to not trip over the finish line.......Keep working through the process, keep interacting, keep reaching out to new schools.  I know you want to be done with this, but better to stay strong an extra month or two, and know you did everything possible to empower a great 4 to 5 years for your baby!

Coach Matt


  1. AnonymousJuly 15, 2013


    How do we know if a school is fully funded or not? My daughter is interested in D2 schools.


  2. The easiest and only way to know for sure is to directly ask the college coach. D2's are not as predictable with their funding of scholarships, like D1. Many times they are limited by conference rules, in addition to whatever financial limitations the school has on the athletic department. The best way to know, is to ask the coach - Remember, this is business so don't hesitate to ask!

  3. Can a high school senior that has committed to a D1 school play on an adult league team with one of the players being a D1 coach from a different school?

  4. That is a question for the DI school's Compliance Director and/or Head Coach. The NCAA rules can be tricky when it comes to outside competition (outside of high school, club or college). Better to be safe by asking before playing.


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