June 3, 2013

USA Volleyball High Performance Program and Recruiting

Hello Coach Matt,

Thank you for your wonderful website!  I actually got to meet you in person the MEQ Qualifier during the High Performance tryouts and all of your information and your book has been very helpful!

Question for you about High Performance.

I have a daughter finishing up her sophomore year 5'6" Libero who is 10 months out of ACL surgery.

She attend the USA High Performance tryouts and her Region High Performance tryouts as a gauge to herself on how hard she needed to work to get playing at a higher level.

Her determination is showing through at these tryouts as she had been fortunate enough to be invited to the 5 day A3 Camp in Colorado Springs this summer with USA High Performance, as well as be invited to participate on her HP Region Team.  (The region team commitment would require 2 weekend camps and 5 days tournament play)

From a confidence building perspective, coming off an injury these invites have been wonderful for her.  She is believing in herself that she can get back to playing where she was and to the next level.  (Due to the injury she missed playing her sophomore school  year and  was able to jump into Club season this year as she healed but not at the top level of play she strives for) 

So now with opportunities in hand from USA HP, Region HP and a myriad of summer camp offerings we are trying to determine which might provide the best training, best college resume builder, and best future recruiting opportunities.  

Any opinions on the best way to encourage her to spend her time this summer considering the value and training and exposure would be appreciated.

Thanks again!


Thank you for the compliments on the site and Inside College Volleyball - It is rewarding to hear that both are a big resource for families!  

Glad to hear that your daughter's recovery from her knee injury is progressing and she is receiving the affirmations to keep moving forward!

Look any High Performance situation as skill building, do not look at HP as recruiting building.  If there is a recruiting benefit, that is an 'add-on' because her skills improved thus she may be more attractive as a college recruit.  College coaches trust what they see, not what they read.  

While we won't look at HP negatively, just like we won't look at all conference, all state, all everything awards negatively, we are still going to believe what we see, not what we read.  Putting HP or All World certificate on the recruiting resume is all well and good, but I still want to see you play.

This is why I emphasize to families with HP or college camps, that they must be viewed as skill building opportunities, and because of the improvement of skills, the better recruiting options will arrive.  

As you consider your summer options, I suggest you look at a combination of best training environment (coaches/athletes/costs/locations) and injury recovery (body needs to rest, mind needs to rest, don't want to burn out).  

You know your finances and your daughter best - Find the balance which works for your team.

Coach Matt


  1. AnonymousJune 03, 2013

    Go with your Region HP, she will have fun and improve her skills. A3 camp with the USA HP is just a money grabber and you just go to the camp. You can go to any camp with that money.

    My PSA went with her Region HP and had the time of her life. She met players from other countries as well. We are playing for our region again this year.

    USA HP has identified the players they like and they are in the A1 category. Anything else just money grabbing to the USAV. Good luck.

  2. AnonymousJune 04, 2013

    Even the USA Volleyball website used to offer the analysis (minus the money grabbing comment) offered by Anonymous, above. I don't know if it is still there since the website remodel, but in the HP FAQs there used to be a question about how to choose between USAV HP and region HP, and they said to choose USAV if your athlete was invited to A1 or A2 and region HP if the invitation was for A3.


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