June 17, 2013

Recruiting Video for Libero's

Dear Coach – I have read and enjoyed your book and posts on all the topics volleyball.  My daughter plays libero for her club team (16s).  I have taped some of the tournaments and will be taping some late season practices.  What are college coaches looking for in reviewing video on defensive players and what would be the best combination of snippets to use for creating a recruiting video for a libero?

Thank you, C.K.

Thank you for the compliments on Inside College Volleyball!

Show the college coach everything which a Libero would do for them in college (but not too much film on serving, it any).  

There are many, many good Liberos and there is not too much separating them in skill sets.  More than any other position, dedication to the recruiting process (manage the process and be patient) is critical in creating a collegiate opportunity for a Libero.  Because of the focus necessary, I do recommend any Libero take a hard look at NCSA Athletic Recruiting; they can make a VolleyFamily's recruiting world much more comfortable!

I would want to see on a Libero video:

-  Serve receive in all three serving positions.

-  Receiving all types of serves; float, jump float, jump spin, spin, short, the whammy.

-  Defense in all three back row positions.

-  Defending against all types of attacks; hard driven, off center, roll shots short, roll shot deep, high attack, low attacks.

-  Setting from behind the 3 meter line with the hands or by bump setting in front of the 3 meter line.

-  Diving and rolling left and right, forward and back; show me that she can get to the ground, thru the ball and back up again.

Again, not too much serving because illustrating a 'great' serve is hard to capture on video and as a coach, I gotta believe you can serve the ball over the net.

Hope that helps!

Coach Matt

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