May 10, 2013

Pass - Set - Spike

1.  A big thank you to all the VolleyFolks I was able to present the NCSA Volleyball Recruiting Education Talks to - IMUA Volleyball Club, Kahuku High School and McKinley High school.

2.  At each of my Talks, I was able to stay afterward and watch the practices of each program - The Hawaiian teams focus on ball control within the scrimmage environment; maximizing touches without having to have a coach implement every ball for the player to touch.  This is a tough concept for many mainland coaches (mainland = continental USA) to use because it can mean ugly practices early and too many coaches, myself included in this group, don't want to watch ugly early practices/trainings.

3.  Just a visual to send all of my VolleyFamilies into the weekend - There is just something magical about Hawaii; it is my definition of Paradise.

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