May 21, 2013

College Prep Camp - By The Coach

I receive a number of emails each week from VolleyFamilies asking about my camps.  In response, I have partnered with Championship Volleyball in Kansas City, to offer two Open camps this summer.  Hopefully Kansas City is a central enough location to be accessible to interested families (apologies to the west and east coast readers!).

Each camp will be focused on College Prep - I want players to understand what skill sets the college coaches are looking for in the recruiting process and how these translate into success as a collegiate athlete.  In addition, I will provide a Recruiting Education Talk to all families, outlining today's recruiting climate and how to successfully manage this process.

Friday, June 28th - Passers and Defense.  Click HERE for registration/information.

Monday, July 1st - Hitter and Setter.  Click HERE for registration/information.

As a reminder, all registration and information is carried on the Championship Volleyball site.

If your schedule allows, I hope to see you at camp this summer and I know each camp will be a positive step in your college recruiting efforts!

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  1. AnonymousMay 22, 2013

    Nationals starts on June 28th.


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