April 1, 2013

College Volleyball Recruiting Highlight Video

Last week, I had posted a quick highlight video of the NCSA Athletic Recruiting presence at MEQ's, where we had rolled out the Verified ID process.

Jim Broe at NCSA put together another short video of the weekend which focuses a bit more on the Educational Talks I provide.  If you have ever wanted to see what I do for my day job, when not writing the worlds #1 college volleyball site, then please click the link!


(You may need to cut/paste the above web address into a new window to view video!)

I will be at the ShowMe National Qualifier in Kansas City in mid April and I hope you can come say hello if you are in the midwest region! 


  1. The link doesn't seem to work.

  2. I re-linked the link! If it does not click thru, please cut/paste the link into a new window!

  3. Thank you Coach. Just saw the video, love the being realistic part


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