March 27, 2013

MEQ's - Volleyball Highlight Video

Thanks to Jim Broe at NCSA, please take a moment to watch NCSA Athletic Recruiting in action at MEQ's in Indianapolis last weekend!  

We rolled out our Verified ID process, where we took stats for height, block jump and approach jump, then a picture of the athlete next to their stats which we gave to the player so they could send out to college coaches - It was a nice event!

We hope to provide the Verified ID with NCSA Athletic Recruiting at the Show Me National Qualifier in Kansas City and the Far Westerns National Qualifier in Reno!

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  1. Glenn McGeeMarch 27, 2013

    I think this is a brilliant idea. Every parent attending a function where NCSA is offering this service should take advantage of this. Parents have a tendency to add to DD stats. This will give more credibility to info provided to schools DD is interested in attending. Way to go Matt!


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