February 4, 2013

President's Day Recruiting Combine in St. Louis

VolleyFamilies, I wanted to pass along information about a Recruiting Combine in St. Louis on February 15th, to be held at the St. Louis America's Center.  

Championship Volleyball is based in Kansas City, and has Olympian Kerri Walsh as one of their principals.  On the Friday evening of President's Day weekend, Championship Volleyball is hosting a Recruiting Combine in conjunction with the President's Day Tournament being conducted by Capital Sports Center.

As Championship Volleyball is a partner of NCSA Athletic Recruiting, I will be presenting my NCSA Recruiting Education talk at the Combine for all attending parents.

If you are attending the President's Day Tournament, or in the greater St. Louis region, please CLICK HERE for more information about Championship Volleyball's Recruiting Combine!

I hope to see you there!


  1. Coach,

    Are you going to be one of the evaulators or just going to give a recruiting talk?

  2. I will be conducting the NCSA Recruiting Education Talks, which is for the parents, as the players are doing the Combine.


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