January 2, 2013

College Volleyball Recruiting and Communication

Hi Coach!

My name is Meagan.  I am a junior in high school hoping to get a volleyball scholarship to a D1 school as a Libero.  I read your book and follow your blog religiously, but still have one question....

You continuously remind PSA's to make their own luck...contact coaches...get your information and videos out there...My question is, when is it too much?  How often should I write or call? How often should I send new video?  Should I contact only to report major milestones (for example, state championships, all-region awards, etc..)  Sometimes I feel like I'm forcing conversation in order to keep contact. I don't want to be so annoying that the coaches hit delete when they see an email from me, but I want them to know I'm serious about the "job." 

Thanks Coach!


If the worst thing that happens is the college coach hits the 'delete' button, then that is not too bad.  Obviously, you don't want to contact every day with the most mundane details and be known as the Stalker Libero.

I would think that if you are sending out a 5 minute video every month, and updating every few weeks with club/high school significant items, then that is a good routine.  As you enter into the playing segment of this club season, a quick fyi email out about your tourney attendance and playing schedule is just smart recruiting communication.

The challenge is your position and how late in the recruiting process that college coaches can effectively secure an elite level Libero.  You don't want to get ahead of the process, but rather be steady.  Staying in the 'conversation' should be your goal - When the college coaches are talking about their Libero/DS needs for the 2014 class, you want them to bring your name up.

As for calling, unless a program you are supremely interested in is aggressive in its outreach/communication, I would hold off.  Email communication is easy to manage and engage; you or the coach can let it sit for a day or two.  But, a call is much more invasive and that is where you would risk being annoying. Better to wait to engage in calls later in the spring and early summer of this coming club season!

Stay focused, be patient and as hard as you are working on communication/recruiting, work twice as hard on your skills.  Unlike the hitters, who coaches put a lot of weight on 'potential' or future ability, the LIberos are judged on 'right now'.

Coach Matt


  1. Hi Coach,

    How are the setters judged if the hitters and Liberos are judged by the skills in your answer above.

    Thank you and happy 2013.

  2. Setters are the middle ground......

    Coaches need to understand what they can do right now to to help the program, but they would also like to see that there is some potential in the mix with training.

  3. I am a Libero 2014 with 7 years of elite club experience, JO's. All County ect. I received alot of interest during my 16s club season. D1 schools writing me Sept 1st, but this club season it seems the communication has tapered off. I have kept in constant contact with all schools contacting me...should I be worried?

  4. Not really - Liberos are last in the recruiting process. Since you received contact from schools after 9/1 that is a positive affirmation; just keep in contact, keep reaching out to new schools and be patient. My feeling is that most programs tend to select/offer their Liberos during the senior year!

  5. Liberos for 2014 are starting to feel the pressure. OH's are committed, MB's and setters are in talks while the back row has been left in the dust! NCAA needs to mandate some fair way of how schools level out scholarships per position. Who can afford a walk on out of state tuition will bankrupt a family. Defensive players are getting the bad end of the stick.


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