December 14, 2012

College Volleyball Recruiting and a Libero

Hello Coach! 

First, I just want to say how much I adore your website! Ok...I'm a sophomore and I've been sending my info out to a lot of schools and I have a few questions. For one, I had a school's assistant coach email me back when I emailed the head coach... Does this mean anything? Maybe I'm just a paranoid PSA:) Also, if they don't reply are they totally not interested? I'm trying to get a feel for what schools are interested in me and how much. Thank you so much! If you have any libero recruiting advice I would love to hear it!  J.S.

Thanks for the compliments on and glad to hear it helps!  I have written a number of articles on the plight of the Libero in Inside College Volleyball - Santa's lead Elf just emailed me to say that Inside College Volleyball is the #1 requested present for Volleyball families!

My quick replies to your questions:

1.  Nothing to worry about when the assistant emails you back - the majority of college coaches have assigned managing the recruiting database and communications to an assistant. As you are just a sophomore, the only 'interaction' can be the program emailing/mailing you an introductory letter and questionnaire.  Focus upon the fact they responded, which means you are in their PSA database.

2.  Don't be paranoid, you are just a sophomore....lots of time on the clock!

3.  A program not replying can be the result of a few things; A) they did not get your email in some capacity (junk folder, just missed it, never made it in), B) they may not be fully staffed, so correspondence takes a lower priority in the playing season, C) as a sophomore, your class may be 'early' for their focus, D) they may just put you on the to-see list and then write you after seeing you in an effort to keep their database tight, E) they are not interested.

4.  It is hard to get a good feel because of your year - The NCAA are very limiting as a sophomore and you can't put too much into a school responding or not responding.

5.  Stay focused on the most important item - Developing your skills.  No matter how much outreach you do, your skill sets will determine who will recruit you and who won't.  You could be the iPad 8 of marketing and technology, but if you pass average, you won't be recruited.

6.  I have written and said many times that when it comes to recruiting, the Liberos are last.  Tough to hear but that is the reality. Liberos must be the most patient in the recruiting process and the most steady/consistent in their outreach efforts.  The roster opportunities for Liberos come very late in the process and are subject the the late changes in the college team's rosters because Liberos are plentiful and talented; a coach can find an acceptable Libero very late in the recruiting cycle.

Be steady in your outreach efforts, cast a wide net in terms of region and category of school, and stay focused on becoming the best volleyball player possible.

Coach Matt


  1. Dumb question, but I did not think coaches could email back until September 1 of Junior year. Odd that she is getting emails.

  2. They can respond in a somewhat generic email saying they can't contact you until your junior year and they usually give a link to the ncaa rules regarding recruiting. They will also give volleyball camp dates for the summer. We got one today as my daughter is a sophomore.


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