November 26, 2012

NCAA DI Volleyball Championships

Before I get into my comments on the first round of the 2012 NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball Championships, I wanted to update the VolleyFamilies and VolleyFans of my travel schedule.  

Because my schedule is a bit crazy the next few weeks, new posts on the site will be limited (but you can always get a copy of Inside College Volleyball; possibly the best volleyball Christmas present!).  If you happen to be in the cities listed below, please do come on by and say hello!

November 28th to December 5th - San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I am speaking at a couple of the larger volleyball clubs on the island, and conducting the 1st annual Puerto Rico Volleyball Showcase (12/1-2).  I created this unique recruiting event to bring together the best Puerto Rico high school volleyball players to demonstrate their abilities to USA college volleyball coaches.  It looks like we will have over 40 college coaches flying down to Puerto Rico for the December 1st and 2nd event.  I am excited because for our first year, we have received a tremendous response.  If your VolleyFamily happens to be in San Juan, your PSA is more than welcome to attend the Open Combine segment of the Showcase to be evaluated by a large number of collegiate coaches.  The website is!

December 8th - Longwood, Florida (just outside of Orlando) for a Volleyball Recruiting Education Talk with Longwood Volleyball Club.  If you would like to attend this Seminar, then please contact Maureen Williams 407-416-3470 to register.

December 12-16 - Louisville, Kentucky for the AVCA Volleyball Convention.  I will be very busy that week with being in the convention exhibitor hall visiting with coaches, conducting an educational seminar for college coaches titled Online Recruiting for Volleyball and holding three back to back Volleyball Recruiting Education Talks in conjunction with the Talent Showcase on Sunday morning.  If you are going to be in Louisville and at the Convention, please come say hello!

December 17-19 - Sleeping!


2012 NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball Championships

First Round Match-ups and Comments:

Penn St (29-2) vs Binghamton (13-17) -  Record, schmecord, the Bearcats are in the Show!!!  At least for 3 games.

Yale (18-5) vs Bowling Green (21-10) - Nothing funny comes to mind, not even with a school named Bowling Green.  BG wins because Yale's players too busy studying for Finals.

Ohio State (20-10) vs Notre Dame (20-9) - Guess the selection committed wanted to provide a name brand marque first round match up; Notre Dame because the Luck of the Irish is working overtime this fall.

East Tenn State U (23-12) vs Kentucky (20-10) - ETSU gets the award for longest school name in the tourney, but Kentucky wins.

Florida State (27-3) vs Hofstra (21-13) - I know three things; Hofstra is somewhere in the northeast, it will be warmer in Tallahassee, and the Seminoles will roll.

Colorado State (21-7) vs Purdue (21-10) - Name Brand Marque match up #2; I think this will be an outstanding contest and I would actually pay to watch it.

Creighton (28-3) vs Marquette (27-6) -  This is the no-name marque match up; two very good teams with two very good coaches (disclaimer - I have coached with both these coaches; lucky for them, they learned nothing from me!).

Liberty (25-7) vs Minnesota (24-7) - Liberty will soon be set free!

Oregon (25-4) vs Northern Colorado (24-10) - Eugene is lovely this time of year; forecast from now until June...cloudy with drizzle.

Pepperdine (20-11) vs Dayton (26-4) - No name marque match up #2; two very good teams in a battle of the midwest versus the west.  Pepperdine in 5 just because those SoCal "2nd tier" players (not going to UCLA, Stanford, USC, Berkeley) are still freaking good!

Oklahoma (21-10) vs Arizona State (21-13) - Battle of the average big name schools; congrats to ASU for getting into NCAA's after having so many freshman on the floor!

New Mexico State (22-10) vs BYU (26-3) - Happy for Coach Jordan, but BYU has an Opposite player who is legit 6-7 and legit good!  BYU w/the W.

Washington (23-6) vs Central Arkansas (30-4) - Not too often you get a free trip from the middle of Arkansas to Seattle!!!  Just think about all the Starbucks options.

Santa Clara (20-11) vs Hawaii (25-2) - Tough selection committee when a 25-2 record in the volleyball crazy Big West Conference cannot even get a top 16 tourney seed.  Still trying to figure out why NCAA Volleyball does not like Hawaii - jealousy, allergic to sand, sea sickness, can't understand pigeon?  

Kansas State (21-8) vs U of Northern Iowa (24-9) - Tough, tough, tough opening round match up for two talented squads; another match which I would pay cash money to see.

U of Maryland Eastern Shore (28-5) vs Nebraska (23-6) - I stand corrected, UMES must have the longest school name in the tourney!  Corn is gone and so is UMES.

Texas (23-4) vs Colgate (17-13) - Colgate is a beautiful school in a beautiful town; they will have plenty of time to explore a completely different town named Austin.

North Carolina State (22-9) vs Texas A&M (24-5) - Maybe TAMU will get a bit queasy having to play at UT, but the winner is....."the stars at night, are big and bright......."

Miami (25-5) vs College of Charleston (26-7) - Two beautiful campuses and I hope they play beautiful volleyball.  C of C needs to load up on the sweet tea.

Tulsa (26-9) vs Florida (25-4) - A Golden Hurricane hits Florida; too bad they are in the middle of the state instead of the beach.

Kansas (25-6) vs Cleveland State (23-6) - Coach Bechard lost the mustache and gained a NCAA #11 seeding. The Magic 8 ball says it is easier to travel than to host.......

Wichita State (22-9) vs Arkansas (22-9) - "hey, why don't we just hop on a bus and meet in Lawrence, Kansas for some Volleyball?".

St. Mary's (17-10) vs San Diego State (23-7) - The battle of the Catholic saints in California; winner gets a Trojan!

Fairfield (22-8) vs Southern California (22-5) -  5600 miles of travel for 53 minutes of competition! 

UCLA (22-7) vs LIU Brooklyn (25-7) - If you are going to lose a first round NCAA match up, and it is not in Hawaii, then you would be hard pressed to do better than Westwood.  

Michigan State (23-9) vs San Diego (21-6) - Sparty will learn the pain of playing a SoCal school; even the schools people east of Las Vegas have never heard of are way too good!

Tennessee (22-7) vs Michigan (23-11) - I hope the salaries of the coaches exceed the capacity of their football stadiums!  

Belmont (18-16) vs Louisville (29-3) - Trying, trying, thinking, thinking.....nope, got nothing on this one.

Iowa State (20-7) vs IPFW (25-6) - The initials which most often remind me of a steel workers union gets a trip to Ames, Iowa.  

California (15-15) vs North Carolina (25-6) -   Did the Academic Counselors at both schools request central Iowa as a first round desired location?  Zero off court distractions from their fall semester final's studies.

Western Kentucky (32-3) vs Loyola Marymount (18-12) - SoCal could give one up on this contest. You don't win 32 matches by being not good, no matter where your gym address is!

Jackson State (24-11) vs Stanford (27-3) -  Stanford is so rich are they......their freeway exit motel is a Four Seasons!

Congratulations to all the players - the NCAA tournament is a special time and I hope they savor every moment of the experience!

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