October 15, 2012

Volleyball Recruiting Communication

Hi , I'm a 5'11 nearly 6'0 sophomore. I have a lot of room to improve but so far I have been pretty much been the backbone for my team. My team is not the best but we are not the worst. In many years that I have watched my team play, they have never had any players recruited regardless of their playing ability. 

I have never really asked about the situation to the older players because it kind of seem they are not interested in pursuing their career further. I thought about switching to a better school, but that can be a whole dispute in itself. I am just afraid that no matter what abilities I have to play volleyball, I will not be able to continue in college because of the district and the school I am in. What do you suggest I do?  A.A.

Your school/district has nothing to do with your ability to get recruited.  College Volleyball coaches are playing their main season when the high school season is playing; this means that college coaches are not at the high school matches evaluating and recruiting the high school players.

Club volleyball is the dominant vehicle for PSA's to get evaluated and recruited by college coaches.  If you are not playing club volleyball, I suggest you consider this option.  Beyond recruiting opportunities, club volleyball is very important because of the skill development which occurs because of all the extra practices and matches.

If you cannot play club volleyball, then you need to make college coaches find you.  You do that by using technology to email coaches, attach your volleyball bio and to send out video.  Video is the most important tool at your disposal to attract college coaches.  With all the iPhone, flip videos, cam corders, iPads, etc., it is not difficult to capture and send out video to college coaches.

Don't blame your high school and its history; the previous players in the program did not get themselves into the 'view' of college coaches, they probably waited for someone to find them.  That is not how the modern recruiting world of college volleyball works; you gotta work hard to get yourself in front of college coaches.  

They can't recruit you if they don't know about you.

Coach Sonnichsen

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