October 8, 2012

Pass - Set - Spike

1.  So glad the Pac 12 and Big 10 have their own sports networks, because we can watch volleyball instead of poker on sports channels.  I believe the key element is these conference sporting networks are only showing contests involving their membership, and are looking for programing to fill the time slots.

2.  I am getting ready to call What Not to Wear and recommend a number of power conference school's head coaches.  A wrinkled polo shirt or an open collared long sleeve shirt and faded looking pants is not the image which will help the professionalism of being a college volleyball coach.  The match is on television; the Holy Grail of what so many of the PTB's (powers that be) said we had to have to make our sport big time.  What do some of the power conference coaches do when there?  They look small time, minor league, club level, unprofessional.  Outside of Puerto Rico and Hawaii, when was the last time you saw a basketball coach in a polo shirt?  It is not hard to throw a tie on the long sleeve shirt, it is not hard to find a sweater or sweater vest to put over the polo shirt?  Is it really difficult to find pants that look nice - These same coaches are the one making the most money in college volleyball, and this is what they wear?  Image matters, image matters - Football coaches even look more professional running up and down the sideline than what I have seen recently.

3.  With 15 subs and using two setters in back row substitution patterns, we have gone back in time (que Pitbull please); the striking majority of sets to the left side, middles rarely running slides or anything behind, slow yet powerful.  The offense and transition attack has been slowed to the point of almost boring. Hitters stay in their defined zones and steam roll ahead to bang the ball. No wonder swing blocking is popular; easy to swing block when the attackers stay in the same place all the time.

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