July 24, 2012

Very Early College Volleyball Recruiting

Hi Coach,

My daughter just recently played in Ohio in the 14's National division.. Our team didn't place very well, 20's to 30's I think.

My question is we have started to receive some letters from different colleges. A few big east coast DI schools have sent her questionnaires.  My daughter is super excited that she is on the coaches radar. She is a tall middle and plays for a Northern California club..

So getting to the question.. Should she send a thank you email along with the returned questionnaire? Some of the info we don't have yet because she is just going into her freshman year..

Second question.. She is really hoping to receive letters from a couple of her dream schools on the west coast.   Do you think those schools are only looking at the girls that played in the Open division?

I did tell her that the schools that are currently reaching out to her are great schools.. It's just so exciting that they even noticed her.. Amazing how many coaches were there..

Thank you for always answering my questions.. I have written to you before and appreciate your advice..

Thanks, VolleyMom

That is something to feel good about; but nothing to stress about!  I have written a number of articles in my book, Inside College Volleyball, about how early the NCAA Division I recruiting evaluation and contact recruiting process has now become.

Your VolleyFamily recruiting mantra right now, until your daughter is starting her sophomore year is.....Fire and Forget.  Fire back any and all questionnaires (notice I said ALL because the future is always unclear), then Forget about it.  In today's crazy college volleyball recruiting world, there are going to be so many unforeseen changes in the collegiate landscape that to focus upon it at your PSA's age is illogical.

Send back the Questionnaire after she has started her freshman year, and that is it. Don't do an email; she is too young and the simple fact she send back the Q is simple proof of interest.  I get a rash thinking about colleges writing 8th graders.........

Let your daughter dream and play.  If she has the talent to play at her dream schools, they will find her because she is a Cali kid.  All colleges look at all divisions; just look at the schools you referenced already, they found her.  

But, do not let the recruiting ball pick up momentum.  Work hard to just let her be a freshman in high school because that is tough enough.  

Freshman Free, Sophomore Slow.  It is your responsibility to keep the Freshman Free, and to go Sophomore Slow, not your PSA's.  

Enjoy the parental pride of your 8th grader being contacted by nationally elite academic and athletic universities, put please take the parental responsibility to allow her to be a freshman in high school.


  1. AnonymousJuly 25, 2012

    I'm curious about your comment that the questionnaire should be sent back "after" she starts her freshman year. Is there a specific reason why it should be sent "after" starting freshman year? If an eighth grader receives an introductory letter and questionnaire (shudder), is there a reason to not complete and return it right away? Or is it just because an eighth grader likely won't have a lot of the information?

    Another question on questionnaire: a lot of the information I've seen on some of the forms could be viewed as personal (e.g., parents' occupations, work numbers and cell numbers). Do some volley families refuse to provide that information, or are they just so happy to have their daughter being recruited that they'll provide pretty much anything requested.

  2. Better to wait until into 9th grade year for better info on high school, and not to get ramped up to crazy recruiting speed too early.

    Most families just fill out what they want and then leave blank what they don't feel putting out there.


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