June 18, 2012

And the next step is..... College Volleyball Recruiting!

Hi Coach: Found your blog a while ago, LOVE your blog, have learned a LOT.

I have a question, you could call it a good problem … Junior Setter Daughter and we have taken several college visits. Went to a very nice Division II school. Loved the school, the volleyball program, the girls, the coaches, as did daughter.

Coach mentioned to us parents at lunch out of earshot of daughter that she was the only setter she was looking at. We sort of took that with a grain of salt, but was nice to hear.
Now daughter has received a postcard from the coach, thanking her for visiting, and reiterating the fact that she is the #1 setter recruit, and hopefully the school is daughter’s #1 choice…

We are still taking some unofficial visits, and daughter has not taken her first ACT yet (scheduled for June, I know, I know,  we’re late)..my question is, now what do we do?

We’d like to finish out some visits we still have coming up and plan to, finishing up club volleyball tournaments, and are looking forward to senior year of high school, but how does one bring about the subject of scholarships, or I should say, when in the process does that come up? 

This is where we get a little murky. Any insight would be much appreciated!


Until you have a scholarship offer from the NCAA Division II coach, then it is just nice words at this point.  It is good to know that the coach is in constant contact, and that your daughter/family enjoyed the visit to the program.  BUT, the coach has not put anything behind the words.  My concern is that IF your daughter is truly the only setter they are recruiting, and IF they are really recruiting a setter, then were is the scholarship offer?  Where's the Beef?  Show Me the Money! Don't to the crime if you can't do the time!  (went too far on my quotes.....)

Granted there may be a delay in the scholarship package offer because your PSA has not taken the ACT/SAT, and for DII schools, the academic award can play a significant part of the scholarship package, but, if this was the case, then it should have been spelled out to you.

My suggestions:

1.  Continue to reach out to colleges which fit your PSA's desires.
2.  Continue to take unofficial visits to schools which are of interest to your VolleyFamily.
3.  Once you get the ACT/SAT test results back, forward these to ALL legitimately potential schools.
4.  Reach out to the #1 school (the DII mentioned) to ask exactly where they stand in the recruitment of your daughter, and when/if a scholarship package offer will be extended.

There is no use dancing around the subject - Once your PSA has the test score back (and the completion of her Junior year grades), DII programs will have enough information to package a scholarship that is defined.  Don't be shy - Email the coach (you email her because this is an adult matter (money), even though your daughter is the PSA) and ask her to clarify their current recruiting status and when/if a scholarship will be offered.  

I am concerned that no offer has been extended, and no rationale has been presented for why no offer has been extended?  Your daughter is finishing her Junior year, you have taken a visit, the visit went well, and the coach is in contact.  The coach may well be stalling out your daughter because they are recruiting another setter (who may be a long shot candidate because of talent or geographic location), or they are holding back an offer because they may be recruiting another position which they feel is more important to the team (a middle blocker if they are thin in that position).

Again, for now, keep the communication up and get the test score back, then it is time to stop dancing with the DII school and get an offer.  If they delay, then they are telling you that no offer is coming until they work through other player opportunities.

Coach Matt Sonnichsen

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