May 22, 2012

Volleyball Recruiting Video Questions

A double shot (the Starbucks Double Shot can is too good!) of Volleyball Video Questions:

My name is A.A.  and I was just wondering how do I get coaches and scouts to look at me while I'm not in season? And I'm a junior going to be a senior in the fall.  A.A.

Unfortunately for many VolleyPSA's there is no 'off-season' -  With club and high school volleyball, there is just a vanishing off season for volleyball players.....maybe 3 weeks in the summer?

Video is your best vehicle to stay in front of collegiate coaches.  Hopefully your folks or coaches have been filming matches, in club or in high school. 

With videos, don't over think or make them too fancy.  Too many VolleyFamilies get stressed out about producing the videos for collegiate coaches.  VolleyFamilies would be stunned about just how little collegiate coaches care about the 'production value' of the video.  All we wish is to clearly see the player, and to be able to see them do their skill sets in quick succession.  

So, just take a recent club match, cut out the plays when you are not 'active or involved' and send them off to a coach.  Or even more simple, just film a late season or summer practice, cut out the time where you are not in the picture and send it off.

My names D and I'm a junior in high school and I really would love to play in college but i don't know what to do. i know i need to put my video up on my profile but what else can i do? i really want to email CSU long beach or UCSB coaches and let them know I'm interested in their volleyball programs. What should i do? D.

Video is key because it allows coaches to move you onto their 'to-see' list when they attend a club volleyball tournament to evaluate PSA's.

What is holding you up from emailing the colleges you are interested in?  Are your fingers cramping, did the compute lose the internet connection, is your computer key board now in cyrillic writing?  Don't over think it, email those coaches and let them know you are interested in joining their programs.

Worst thing that can happen is they don't respond, best thing that can happen is it could be the first step towards becoming a member of their team - sounds like a good equation to me!

If you are a verified/client member of NCSA Athletic Recruiting, then Kelly Stuntz can greatly assist you in your outreach efforts; Kelly works very hard to empower the NCSA Volleyball PSA's to achieve their collegiate dreams.  If you are not yet a member, then you will need to look up on the internet the contact information for your potential schools and reach out to the coaches; this can be a cumbersome process, but it can be done.

The bottom line is that there are more good club volleyball players than ever, so this creates a challenge for PSA's to get noticed by collegiate coaches.  If you wait to be noticed, then you are not taking control of your future; put yourself out there to be noticed and thus create your own volleyball future.

Coach Matt Sonnichsen

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  1. Only video,,,,5 minutes of skill,,,introduce yourself and after,,,say "thank you for consideration".,,,,then a set against a good team,,,just fifteen minutes or so. Total video of twenty minutes,,,with music as background. Then to youtube only,,,with a very complete informational email to send to as many coaches as you want,,,in a very short period of time.


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