May 14, 2012

The Coach - Volleyball Video and Webinars

If a picture is worth a thousand many words are eight videos worth?  NCSA has put together a series of short videos of me (the Coach, the uber provider of collegiate information, the best camp provider in these United States of America) giving some quick answers and tips about College Volleyball Recruiting.

You will have to pardon my voice and appearance - I was tossed into the video room after a 5 hour drive into Chicago; next round of videos, I will look more Hollywood!!!

(you may need to cut/paste the above link, instead of just clicking)

Hope you get a bit of information from them, and I am starting to film an entire series of Ask Coach Matt videos for NCSA Volleyball Families (both client and free families), so please do at least join the NCSA Volleyball Free site!

I have listed my webinar schedule for the summer and into early fall.  NCSA Athletic Recruiting has been fantastic with their technology and opening these webinars up to my VolleyFamilies!

The day before and day of each webinar, I will put up a reminder and join in protocol for my live webinars.  All webinars will be scheduled for a 9 p.m. central time zone start and usually last about 30 minutes, plus any and all questions asked/answered!

May 16th - Championship Tournament(s) Recruiting Preparation.
June 13th - Summer Recruiting To Do List.
July 18th - Summer Training Suggestion.
August 15th - High School Season Recruiting Efforts.
September 19th - Recruiting Videos.
October 17th - Club Volleyball Recruiting Preparation.

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