April 5, 2012

NCAA Rules and Women's Volleyball

The below information is courtesy of NCSA Athletic Recruiting.  I have been very impressed with NCSA's wealth of knowledge when it comes to NCAA, NAIA and JC rules; they know what they are talking about and present it in a way which is easy to digest.


Division III schools are not allowed to hold practice tryouts with college-bound student-athletes.
Only Division I men’s basketball is allowed to hold tryouts. 
Division II schools are allowed to hold one practice or tryout for a college-bound student-athlete on its campus as long as the student-athlete is a high-school senior who is enrolled in a term other than the term in which the traditional season in the sport occurs. The school may conduct a medical examination of the student-athlete, and the tryout may include tests to evaluate the student-athlete’s strength, speed, agility and sport skills. The tryout may include competition. The tryout is limited to the length of the school’s normal practice period in the sport, but in no event can it be longer than two hours. The school may loan equipment and clothing to the college-bound student-athlete during the tryout.
College-bound student-athletes may try out with professional teams and still retain their eligibility if the following restrictions are met:
  • A professional team may pay for a college-bound student-athlete to try out before he or she enrolls in college as long as the student-athlete’s visit does not exceed 48 hours and compensation for the visit does not exceed necessary expenses.
  • A college-bound student-athlete cannot try out more than once with a professional team.
  • A self-financed tryout may take any length of time.
  • A current student-athlete may not try out with a professional team during any part of the academic year, unless the student-athlete has exhausted eligibility in the sport.
  • A current student-athlete may try out with a professional team during the summer as long as he or she does not receive any expense-reimbursement or compensation from the professional team.
  • During a tryout, a current student-athlete may not take part in any outside competition as a representative of that professional team.
NAIA students are permitted a maximum of two days of tryouts throughout their entire career, and the tryout cannot interfere with school time. The tryout must occur on campus. If a school has a policy for reimbursing all students for such visits, the same can be applied to you as a prospective student-athlete.


National Letter of Intent
Women's Volleyball Signing Period starts on April 11th and ends on August 1st.

NCAA Eligibility Center
Seniors need to log into their account after April 1st to complete their amateurism questionnaire they filled out upon registration.



Contact Period, except for below:
 April 9-12 Dead Period:


2012 Grads (Current Seniors)
Division I: Volleyball – twice a week (newer rule which applied 8/1 for seniors)
*Unlimited calls the day after the recruit signs the NLI, written offer of admission and/or financial aid: OR the day after the college received a financial deposit from you.
  Division II: All Sports – once a week.
*Unlimited number of contacts and evaluations the day after the college receives a financial deposit from you.
Division III/NAIA/2-year: All Sports – Unlimited.
2013 Grads (Juniors)

Division I: Not Allowed.
Division II: Not Allowed.
Division III/NAIA/2-year: All Sports – Unlimited.
2014 & 2015 Grads (Underclassman)

Division I/II: Not Allowed.
Division III/NAIA/2-year:  All Sports – Unlimited.


2012 Grads (Seniors) & 2013 Grads (Juniors)
All Divisions: All Sports – Unlimited.
2014 & 2015 Grads (Underclassman)
Division I/II: Not Allowed.
Division III/NAIA/2-year: All Sports – Unlimited.

Text Messages

2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 Grads
Division III/NAIA/2-year: All Sports – Unlimited.
NOTE: Some DIII/NAIA/2-year programs have institutional or conference rules prohibiting the college coach to make contact before the student-athletes senior year.

REMINDER: The student-athlete can call or email any coach at any time.

ALERT:  DI coaches are always recruiting and looking at athletes, however, at this point in the recruiting process there is not always a spot available or money tied to that spot. Seniors need to be open to 2-year programs and lower levels.

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