April 9, 2012

Feedback from a VolleyFamily!

I belive it is important to publish the comments I receive from VolleyFamilies about their challenges and successes managing this craziness called college volleyball recruiting.  Learning from those which have gone first, can sure make our paths easier (rather deep I must say!).


Saw you at the JVA World Challenge this weekend, but you had a crowd around you, and I was intimidated so I passed on by.

Read all your blogs and have your book. Its getting pretty dog eared now.  Some of your advice really helped me and my daughter this weekend in Houston.

My daughter is 15, a high school freshman, and lucky enough to be one of those "studs". A 6' 1" outside hitter. For the last couple of months she has been getting introductory letters from schools all over the country. After her first game at the JVA's she started getting wound up about what colleges were there and who was watching her. If I hadn't read your book I would have probably gotten wound up to, and started criticizing  every play she made. Wanting her to look her best in front of these coaches.

But, since I had read your book, I got her off to the side and told her, "Coaches will be watching you for the next 4 years. They will come and go. Your only 15. Just go out there and have fun playing with your friends".

Well, she relaxed and just went back to playing because she loves to play volleyball. The weekend could have been a disaster, but turned out great. My daughter met girls from teams from around the country and had a wonderful experience.

Thanks again for keeping me with the right priorities in mind. Keep writing.

A Volleydad

It is emails like this give me such a good feeling - Makes Inside College Volleyball and collegevolleyballcoach.com an easy labor of love! 

A gem which I would like to single out is the VolleyDad putting the situation into perspective, and thus taking the pressure away, which results in his daughter having a great day of Volleyball!

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