March 29, 2012

2013 Setter and College Volleyball Recruiting

Hi Coach. I am a 6'1'' setter in the class of 2013. I found a great club coach earlier this fall who was a D1 college coach at a top 25 school for many years and has an impressive resume, sending several girls on to become All-Americans and some to win national titles. He has developed my skills to a whole new level, and although I am only 17, I am currently playing up on his 18s team that is number 3 in our region, a very competitive and highly ranked region in the country. 

However, in the past, I didn't have much formal training as a setter, just doing what worked, and have never played on a very successful team. So, this is the first year that I have gotten any exposure to serious coaches. I am an excellent student and can go to my "dream school" without volleyball, however, playing volleyball at this school would be a dream come true. Unfortunetly this school is a consistently top 5 D1 school. I am interested in other top D1 schools as well and my coach tells me not to count them out. I have had interest from lower D1 schools, the quality improving at each major tournament it seems. 

My main question is are those tip top D1 schools still recruiting out of the junior class at this point in the game? My coach says yes, but I am in desperate need of an outside opinion. He also says that playing 18s is not a problem, but I fear it may be. He knows what type of played these schools look for and need, and is a very honest person, so if I did not have the skill I do not think he would lead me on. 

I am just afraid I am too late into the game. Thank you. MH

A number of the elite schools are done recruiting setters in the 2013 class, but things can change.  One of the new realities of today's college volleyball world is that scholarships are always in flux.  This is the collegiate spring season; injuries happen, coaching changes happen, bad grades happen and all of this affects scholarship openings.

But, a number of very good athletic and academic DI's are still recruiting the 2013 class.  Setters can be a bit lower on the draft board, with Outsides and Middles going early.  There are a number of good setters, so coaches can be a bit slower in their recruitment of this position.  And again, scholarship opportunities are constantly changing because of the college volleyball climate.

As your dream school school is top 5 and probably done with 2013 setter recruiting, you can always be aggressive in your walk on efforts.  If you can gain admission, and have good academic marks, then you should receive some amount of non-athletic scholarship support.  Then it is just a matter of convincing the volleyball coach that you can bring value to the program as a walk on player.

The question I have for you........What are you doing to put yourself in front of top flight DI programs?  Are you just waiting for them to see you at a tournament or are you engaged in an outreach effort which includes current video. 

There are just too many good players out there for PSA's to wait to get seen. PSA's must be active in their outreach efforts to get into the view of the college programs, so next time coaches are at a tournament you are at, you are on their 'To-See' list of players.  

By your email information, you have talent, but talent alone will not gain the higher completive and academic goals you have set for yourself.  

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