February 24, 2012

When to Say No Thanks - College Volleyball Recruiting

My daughter is a junior, she has been recieving some handwritten notes from in-state and out-of-state colleges.  They run the gamet from DI to Junior colleges.  She knows that the school she wants to attend must have an agriculture major.  Agriculture is not offered at the majority of these schools.  She doesn't want to shut the door to these schools but she doesn't want to lead them on.  After all she is only a junior and she may change her mind and decide to major in another field.  We think she should answer these notes and send them her club schedule and her video. Is this the right thing to do or do coaches want to be told up front?
Thanks for the great information.  I refer to your book and old posts quite often.
 VB Mom

Sorry for the late reply to your email - My NCSA Recruiting Education Talks have picked up, and I am "a good busy" with my events.  It has been very rewarding to be able to help VolleyFamilies directly and personally by sharing information.

Good question - My question to you is how firm is the Agriculture desire?  You know your child better than she may know herself, and if she is has been talking about growing corn and soil samples since she was 8 years old, then she is probably going to stay Ag until at least collegiate classes start.  But, if this interest in relatively new, then it may leave again relatively soon.

What I have found is that Volleyball players usually change their academic focus AFTER they arrive to college.  Sometimes it will be a PSA going from undecided to some clearer interest, but rarely does a player go from Math to Literature in her degree plan before she ever arrives to campus.

I suggest that your PSA take the bull by the horns (not an agriculture reference but Vet Science is close....) and reach out to a large number Agriculture degree granting schools.  Since Ag is not offered at a bunch of schools, she needs to be the one going after them, as opposed to waiting for them to find her.  

As to the schools which don't offer Agriculture, go back to my question to you.  If you believe she is committed to Agriculture between now and the first day of college, then respond to the non-Ag schools with a Thanks but No Thanks email.  If you believe that Agriculture could become Biology after this semester, then continue to communicate with all schools which fit your PSA's broad parameters.  It takes a click of the mouse to send the club schedule and current video, and it is a good click to do.

Glad you refer to Inside College Volleyball and go through the older posts!

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  1. My school-the University of Minnesota Crookston, NCAA DII--offers Agriculture majors, along with Equine Science and Animal Science. We also offer very strong degrees in Biology and Natural Resources (in case of a shift in academic interests!). I'd be very happy to check out your recruiting information--you can check out UMC (www.umcrookston.edu) and our athletics (www.goldeneaglesports.com) and my contact information is on our athletic's website.

    Thank you, and best of luck with your recruiting search! It might take a little bit more work if you're interested in majoring in something that's not commonly available--but there are opportunities out there!
    Heather Grieser, Assistant Volleyball Coach


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