February 10, 2012

Random Volleyball Thoughts

1.  As Coach Sealy was recently on our 6 on 6, how many volleyball teams are now trying to run a much faster offense after watching UCLA win the 2011 National Championships and his post game interview "speed kills"?  For Those of You About to Speed, remember to have a matching setter.  The setter is the key component of this equation.

2.  I pity the referees because they have so much influence upon rally score volleyball and one 'no call' can bring down the wrath of the volleyball gods, or at least the 'wronged' coach.  Then, just to make sure they are in a no win situation, the PTB (powers that be) remove the majority of the decisions, which only magnifies those few times they have to make a call.

3.  Please follow me on Twitter - I want thousands of followers just so when I have nothing witty to come back with in an argument, I can reference my Twitter numbers; come on VolleyFolks, they don't come much more entertaining than me!!!  And, you can get the heads up on some good things going on with the site and my travels.

4.  A bit surreal not standing at the end of the club volleyball courts this recruiting season, after being planted there the last 15 plus years.  I miss being among the energy of volleyball because it is a great sport, but I don't miss what recruiting has become.

5.  Storage Wars was my go to television show last season to come down after a match.  Back to back to back episodes, 1/2 hour in length, easy format to understand and you never knew if something cool was hidden in that storage unit!

6.  Instant feedback on the importance of Volleyball within an Athletics Department - Watch a basketball game to see if the Volleyball court is painted on the floor.

7.  The new multi year scholarship awards are a mirage; NCAA schools can write in language on the NLI and scholarship papers which lets the athletic department terminate the scholarship early.

8.  I still don't understand the mandate/rationale/push/philosophy that College Volleyball has to be in a constant state of change.  Small pruning of the tree has now become massive changes landscape.  We continue to change, we continue to be second tier, while the Flagship sports stay the same and promote their greatness - We promote our changes.  If you act big time, people will believe you are big time.  If you are constantly making big changes, this demonstrates lack of confidence.

9.  Philosophically speaking, we won't see major improvements in the standing of Women's Volleyball until the Senior Women's Administrator and Associate Athletic Director positions within NCAA Athletic departments are filled by former Volleyball players.  

10.  VolleyPSA's, fight as hard as possible not to pick your collegiate future because of the coach.  Not that the coach is not a good teacher, a good person, and a great leader of the program, but there are so many factors which will greatly affect your collegiate experience which are completely outside of the coach's control.  Picking a school/team for the right reasons, will allow you to process a college coaching change without devastating your collegiate experience.


  1. Hi Coach, Can you elaborate a little bit about not missing "what recruiting has become"? Also, how is college volleyball constantly changing, as you mentioned above? I enjoy your tweets, and I'm spreading the word about your site at our club!

  2. Non-stop travel to see any and all possible tourneys, club players playing way too much to make sure they are in front of every coach in every possible tourney, college coaches BLATANTLY cheating to recruit, college coaches not honoring verbal commitments because they over rated an athlete, college coaches cutting players after one year because they don't want to train players to get better and seeing the PANIC in parents who feel they are behind somehow in the process because of the way too early recruiting cycle.

    12 subs to 15, touching the net is soon to be legal, crossing the center line is legal, double hits legal, lifts legal by default, let serves, rally score to 30, then to 25, possible double Liberos......it never ends and never will; I shudder to think what is left to change? No rotating (hello shoulder surgery and blown ankles/knees), points awarded by difficulty of play, ball bounces twice....


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