February 29, 2012

6 on 6 with Texas A & M Head Coach Laurie Corbelli

Quick update before getting to a great 6 on 6 with Coach Corbelli at Texas A & M - I will be at the Wisconsin Dells Showcase this weekend.  On Thursday night, NCSA will be presenting a Recruiting Education Talk in conjunction with the Combine.  In addition, we will have two Talk times on Friday and Saturday.  If you are going to be attending the Wisconsin Dells Showcase, please do come to one of the Recruiting Education Talks and say hello!!!


I am pleased to present a 6 on 6 with TAMU Head Volleyball Coach Laurie Corbelli.  Laurie Corbelli's Volleyball resume, both as a player and as a coach, is very impressive.  

Having been a head coach on two occasions near Texas, I had ample opportunity to observe Coach Corbelli's teams and how she conducted her business as a recruiter. She and the program she administers is first class.

6 on 6 with Texas A&M Head Coach Laurie Corbelli:

1.     What drew you into the profession of college volleyball coaching?

As a player, one of my favorite parts of the experience was the “team”.  Training with them, learning from them, and going through hard times with them made playing volleyball feel like an “additional” family.  After so many years of playing, I wanted to give back and share what I had learned and experienced, plus I’m very competitive!  So, for me, coaching was a natural progression from playing the game. 

2.     If you could change one thing about the sport of college volleyball, what would that be?

It’s hard to say…recruiting always seems to be the answer to this question!  However, I would probably say that I would like for the NCAA rules to allow us to have more time training our players to become the best they can be.  I understand why the rules are there, but so often it seems that, as much as we’d like to raise the level of the collegiate game, we are very restricted in the amount of time that we can actually train the athletes.

3.     Who is the most famous person you have met and where was it?

I guess in terms of “world-wide” famous, I’d say Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.  I met Jimmy and Rosalynn (and 12-yr.old Amy) Carter in Washington D.C. at the White House when he welcomed the 1980 US Olympic team to his “I’m sorry we boycotted your Olympics” party one evening in July 1980.  I met Ronald and Nancy Reagan at the 1984 Olympics at the send-off of a tour to the biggest U.S. cities after the Games with all of the medalists!

4.     Where is your favorite vacation spot?

My favorite vacation is in Hawaii with my husband, John, and my 2 kids, Rachel and Russell, visiting John’s family.  We go to the beach almost every day, eat a lot of great meals usually cooked by his mom, visit a lot of friends and family on the island, and generally relax and have fun!  It’s always sunny, warm, and the spirit of aloha is everywhere!

5.     What is the least enjoyable part of your job?

I’d be lying if I said I loved scheduling!  It’s another form of recruiting, but without any of the fun (watching kids compete and improve, hanging out with other coaches, etc.).  Yet it’s an incredibly key component (especially these days) in a program’s success.

6.     Sideout scoring or Rally scoring?

Sideout scoring has the element of EARNING your points that I’ve always felt was so rewarding.  Your blocking and defense had to be so tough, and the transition game was critical.  It was so challenging and you had to work so hard to score!  If I had to pick, I’d pick Sideout scoring for those reasons.  

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