January 5, 2012

Scary Flashback Recruiting Video

Hi Coach:

I’ve read your blog and commented from time to time so I know how strongly you feel about the disparity between women and men’s sports funding.   My daughter is now a Junior in High School – and I graduated from high school in ’73 just before Title IX was passed and thus did not enjoy the benefits of women’s sports at the University of Washington.

The U of W is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year and posting some historic information from time to time….  Here is a posting of a recruiting video produced in the early ‘70s that reminded me of why I became a feminist!   I thought you’d enjoy (???!!!) it as well – and I think it should be mandatory viewing for all young women that are pursing collegiate sports. 

Best wishes – and I hope to see you at some of the upcoming big tournaments such as Las Vegas or the qualifiers.   I’ll be the mom trailing behind a 6’4” middle hitter who doesn’t always know how great life is compared to when I was in school.  B.B.  

It is crazy how far women's sports have come (and everyone's mentality) and for Volleyball, how far we still need to go.  My skin crawls each time someone in a position of influence within Women's Volleyball wants to point to the past and say, "look how great we have it" instead of pointing to the future and saying "look how far we can go!".  

This simple observation for me defines the difference between Volleyball and other sports.  We look backwards and say, "isn't this great" while other sports look forward to achieve even more.

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