January 20, 2012

Pass - Set - Spike

1.  NCAA Division I recruiting calendar is open, and the opening weekend is now in the rear view mirror.  If you missed my two preparation posts to empower your early season playing and recruiting success, please click here y aqui!  Not sitting at the end of the club volleyball court, after 15+ years of recruiting was a nice break; the recruiting season is too long in DI and I hope the Powers That Be (PTB unknown BTW) increase the weeks of Dead and Quiet Periods.

2.  Please take a look at this video clip of a Chinese professional volleyball match - Great rally and notice how the fans seem to take such a great rally as expected!  Thanks to T.G. (aka Al Scates Jr.) for sending this clip in!

3.  Disappointing article about the stance of the NCAA President, published on espn.com.  Seems to me that he is talking out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to giving extra money, equity and rights of non-power conference Division I schools.  Then, just to make sure everything is OK for the big boys, a little 'parliamentary procedure' is used here?

How about some pictures?  Not of me, but of you.  Well, not you but the Volleyball which you experienced these opening two weekends.  There are not enough action shots of Volleyball for all to see, so I am doing my part to compensate for ESPN's failings!  

Please send me your best Volleyball action shots or team karma photos, and I will plan on posting the Top 10 on collegevolleyballcoach.com.  By submitting a picture, you agree to have it published and I hope this turns into a fun feature for all the VolleyReaders!


  1. here's another rally making the internet circuit...


  2. Never enough Volleyball!


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