January 30, 2012

Live Webinar Reminder - No Senior Left Behind

JANUARY 30TH - 7 p.m. west coast/10 p.m. east coast/9 p.m. central.


URL Link : http://connectpro96398706.adobeconnect.com/msonnichsen/

Click "Guest" and Type in your Name.

Space is limited to 100 participants.

I will also present this No Senior Left Behind live webinar on February 6th (and if need be on February 13).  I want to get information out to families before the big President's Day Volleyball tournaments, as many of these are important in the recruiting efforts of Senior PSA's.

Please mark your calendars for Monday, January 30th - Also, those of you which are frequent message board visitors, please spread the word, as I know this information will be helpful to those 2012 PSA's 
still working hard for that College Volleyball spot!


Wanted to take a moment to welcome Delta Force Volleyball Club as our first Volleyball Recruiting Webinar - Thanks to NCSA, I can now provide a Live Webinar for individual Volleyball Clubs wanting to get current information on this crazy thing called college volleyball recruiting.  Oh, and it is free!  

If your club organization would be interested in scheduling a Live Webinar, just contact me at collegevolleyballcoach@gmail.com.  It is as simple as a free ball - We set a time and date for your team to log into the Live Webinar, via a dedicated internet link, and each player can join in from their own computer (home, office, library, school, etc).  

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