December 28, 2011

Pass - Set - Spike

1.  NCAA Division I Volleyball coaches are curently in a restricted recruiting period  known as a Dead Period (no contact/observation other than permissible emails/phone calls) until the end of December.  From January 1st to the 13th, it becomes a Quiet Period (no off campus contact; unofficial visits are allowed).  January 14th, the gates swing open and the crazy college coaches will emerge!  To see all the Quiet and Dead Period dates for the remainder of this academic year, please click here.  Also, to see the NCAA Glossary of Terms, click here.

2.  This time of year is the silly season for collegiate coaching as a profession.  Each winter, there are terminations/transitions for which us in the business wonder what happened or why it occurred, and then later, we will all scratch our heads after a hire is announced with the thought of 'really'?  With the unsettled nature of today's collegiate athletics, the budgets and obtuse administrators, college coaching as a profession has changed.

3.  VolleyFamilies and VolleyPSA's need to get their mind right for the upcoming recruiting season.  The mentality needs to be one of jogging a marathon, instead of running a sprint.  I have found that too many families will either start going full tilt right now and mentally burn out early in the spring, while others will be too casual about the process, only to panic late spring when a moment of recruiting clarity occurs.  It is a long club season, and the VolleyFamilies which are steady in their efforts, have a game plan to follow, and use the resources and support available (recruiting service, club recruiting coordinator, friends with experience in the process) will manage this stressful time period much better.

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