December 8, 2011

NCAA Division I Volleyball Championship Televised Matches

Thanks to many loyal readers, I have listed the NCAA Division Women's Volleyball Championship matches to be aired this weekend.  To call watching a match on the computer "being televised" is such a stretch of the truth, I went for "aired" because it does not taste as bitter.

The NCAA page link is -

 NCAA Women's Volleyball

12/09   5:00 PM EST          UCLA vs. Penn State                 ESPN3
12/09    5:00 PM EST         Ohio State vs. Illinois                  ESPN3
12/09   6:00 PM EST          Florida State vs. Purdue             ESPN3
12/09   7:00 PM EST          Texas vs. Kentucky                    ESPN3
12/09   7:00 PM EST          Michigan vs. Florida                   ESPN3
12/09   8:00 PM EST          Iowa State vs. Minnesota           ESPN3
12/09   10:00 PM EST        Kansas State vs. Pepperdine      ESPN3
12/09   12 midnight EST      USC vs. Hawaii                         ESPN3

12/10     4:30 PM EST       NCAA Women's Volleyball Championship (Regional Final)          ESPNU

12/10     7:00 PM EST       NCAA Women's Volleyball Championship (Regional Final)           ESPNU

12/10     9:30 PM EST       NCAA Women's Volleyball Championship (Regional Final)           ESPNU
12/10     4:30 PM EST      NCAA Women's Volleyball Championship (Regional Final)           ESPN3

12/10     7:00 PM EST      NCAA Women's Volleyball Championship (Regional Final)           ESPN3

12/10     9:30 PM EST      NCAA Women's Volleyball Championship (Regional Final)           ESPN3

-  Pepperdine and Hawaii are the only non-BCS schools to make it to the Succulent 16 (can't use the other term because the NCAA says that is only for basketball!).  Cograts to them and hope they continue their run.

-  Speaking of Hawaii, I had the joy and the pain of getting whacked by them two times this past season.  They are not as tall and don't posses the raw talent of past Rainbow Wahine (what a freaking cool name by the way!) teams, but they have such phenomenal quickness and ball control, along with a certain something-something called karma, that the match against USC would be one that I would pay money to see!

-  UCLA vs Penn State will be one to watch.  UCLA had a break out season and Penn State should be as comfortable as eating cookies on Grandma's couch in the NCAA Championship tournament.

-  Kansas State is to be commended for a big victory over departed Big 12 foe Nebraska!  Too bad the rest of the country could not have seen this match!

-  U. of North Carolina's staff should be dining out on their victory over Cal for a number of years; very nice win versus a quality Pac 12 team.

-  I really, really and one more time, really, wish the Championship tournament would be seeded 1-64 like the other two Head Count NCAA DI team championship tournaments.  This way the NCAA DI Championship would not be a DII faux format with these regional match ups.  Right now, so many schools have to play regionally because the budgets have been sliced and diced for non-conference travel, that it would be good of the NCAA to let a few bills slip out of the Billions it gets from its television contracts to seed and travel the Women's Volleyball Championships.

-  My Fabulous Four (again, can't use the common term) is TEX, ISU, ILL and USC.  But, I could be wrong and I hope I am because it keeps things interesting!


  1. you forgot 12/11 @ midnight EST @ Hawaii

  2. Thanks for the heads up on that!!!


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