December 2, 2011

The BIG Change

Does the site look any different?  I have made a number of changes to the website and the work is still a bit in progress, but I wanted to make sure I kept my promise of the December change! 

Before I expand upon all the positive additions, I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to all the loyal VolleyFolk who have found and followed my website.

When I started a few years ago, my idea was to be able to provide information about College Volleyball and recruiting for players/families, along with having a venue to express my thoughts about Volleyball and all which relates to it.  It surprised me just how much I have come to enjoy running the site and helping VolleyFamilies; it just makes me feel good when I get a complimentary email about how I was able to assist a VolleyPSA achieve her goal of Collegiate Volleyball or to bring some calm to the life of a VolleyMom.

The changes you see now are a direct result of so many VolleyFamilies and VolleyFolks reading the site and spreading the word about  I also want to take a moment to thank everyone for allowing me to keep my anonymity, as it was just the best way to administer this site given the politics of College Volleyball.  I apologize to the many people who have written me, which I know personally and professionally, to which I did not reveal myself.  Please don't come after me next time I see you around the Volleyball world!!!

Let me jump right into the positive changes which today represents:

  • The popularity of created the opportunity to enter into a professional relationship with NCSA Athletic Recruiting. I am now an Educational Speaker and Volleyball Expert for NCSA, along with NCSA being the sole sponsor of my website.  In addition, NCSA will support the many, many Road Volleyball Camps I conduct each year at high schools all across the country.

  • I would not have made the move from a NCAA Division I Head Volleyball coach to Spokesperson (and Volleyball Expert; I rather like my new title!)  unless I absolutely believed in the philosophy of NCSA Athletic Recruiting and how they conduct their business.  I have always talked straight with my readers and the truth is, I was blown away by the level of professionalism and dedication of their staff on behalf of Families.  I had the opportunity to visit their headquarters and came away so impressed with how much support and information they provide - I like to think I am able to express valuable information for VolleyFamilies and NCSA blew my stuff off the court!!!

  • I have resigned my position as a NCAA Division I Head Volleyball coach (more on this in future posts).  As I am no longer employed by a NCAA institution, this allows me to answer any and all questions from the readers (, along with not having to shade my answers quite as much.  I can shoot even "more straight" with my VolleyFolk and reply directly in the Comments section.

  • Depending on how quickly I can get up to speed with NCSA (back to being a rookie), I hope to be at the AVCA Convention in conjunction with the NCAA Championships in San Antonio.  It would be great to meet a few of the VolleyFamilies which have sent in questions and written nice thank you emails.

  • The left sidebar NCSA logo takes you to their web page - NCSA has a free information section (which is amazing in the amount of information they provide to VolleyPSA's) and their paid service is the best I have ever seen (from a collegiate coach perspective).  My philosophy is the same as I have written about in the past - Not everyone needs a recruiting service, but if you feel you need help, if you need more information and support either because you are overwhelmed by the process or you just don't have time to do everything which needs to be done in today's recruiting climate, then I absolutely believe you need to go with NCSA - I promise you they are worth every dime!

  • The right sidebar NCSA logo is information about having the Coach (that is me by the way!) come in to speak to your team or club about College Volleyball Recruiting, NCAA Rules, Trends and Training for FREE.  Yes, you read that correctly - NCSA will bring me to speak to your program on their dime.  NCSA believes in creating quality relationships and doing things in a positive way, and their Educational Speaking engagements support this philosophy.

  • After I get through this Holiday transition period, I will post information about the Volleyball Road Camps I conduct each spring and summer.  I am honored to be working with a number of high schools for over 10 years now, and my available dates fill up quickly.  My camps are much like my website information; brought to you and a great value, focused on the players/school, skill driven and technique focused, and fun (at least I hope my site is fun!) - Again, more to come after the Holidays.

  • In addition to my personal camps, I will be working with NCSA to host specific regional camps available to NCSA families - The cost will be low and the focus will be VolleyPSA's gaining skills and knowledge to make their collegiate playing goals a reality.  I will update as this comes to fruition.

  • I have created a Twitter account and will try to use this medium (new to me, so please allow me to grow my ability) to serve out information and entertainment - Let's just say I am looking forward to the NCAA Tournament.

  • Now that I don't have to worry about the 100 daily details of a NCAA DI program, I can devote more time to the writing and management of  I will be developing new articles, interacting with Collegiate Volleyball coaches to present their opinions and exploring podcasts.

Not being a current collegiate coach, I believe I am now in a better position to help VolleyFamilies because I have more control.  The recent shifts in NCAA athletics has had a negative impact upon so many College Volleyball coaches being able to run the type of program they wish and to achieve their team's best.  I know for me, there were many times these past couple of years in which I was not able to help my own players achieve their best because of outside factors. 

With the help of NCSA, I can provide experienced information which empowers VolleyFamilies to make educated choices which are solely in the best interest of their daughters (or sons) in this challenging time of collegiate athletics.

  • By the way, my name is Matt Sonnichsen.

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