November 29, 2011

Pass - Set - Spike

1.  I just happened to see an Official's invoice for a recent men's basketball game at my school.  $925.00 game fee, $250.00 per diem, plus the cost to travel to game.  There are three officials which are on the basketball court during a game, and the cost of this invoice was over $5,000.00.  For the basketball game alone, the cost of on court officiating is $2,775.00.  Early in my tenure, my administrator asked if there was a way to reduce the officiating costs of a home Volleyball tournament because they were around $2,000.00 (for 6 matches).  Amazing!

2.  This is the best time of the year for Volleyball and the worst time.  Best time because it is the championship season, seeing which teams will make a great run through the NCAA Championship, along with all the drama of seeding, who got in, who did not get in, etc.  But, it is also the worst time of the year because Volleyball can vanish from the sports media landscape with football going into its final week (and all the conference title and bowls scenarios), college basketball starting up with their various tournaments and made for media match ups, and lets not forget pro football, pro basketball and pro hockey.

3.  Every season there is one song I become so sick of hearing because it is played at every match, no matter where we are.  My all time "I am sick of this song" is from my pro beach tour days - Love Shack by the B-52's!!!  The "I am sick of this song" song for the 2011 season is.....In the Dark by Dev!  

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