November 14, 2011

Pass - Set - Spike

1.  A key to a non Power Conference Volleyball program enjoying support and success is if the Senior Women's Administrator (SWA) played Volleyball.  Just having any Administrator understand the challenges which Volleyball coaches face in running a program and hopefully building a successful team gets a coach halfway towards happiness. It will drive a coach to distraction, constantly having to 'educate' administrators on the protocols and routines and operating procedures of a NCAA Division I Volleyball team (or any college team for that matter).  Having a SWA who was a basketball player or coach, can send shivers of fear down a coach's spine!

2.  Superstitions are a funny part of sports and coaches have their own.  I remember one season, my college coach would suck/chew on throat lozenges during every match, no matter what.  As an assistant, I had one head coach who had a dress banned by the team because we never won when she wore that certain dress.  Mine is lucky hotels - If we play well (even if we don't win), then I will keep the same hotel for conference play.  If we play poorly, then we gotta find a new place to crash!  One year it was bus drivers; we had a lucky bus driver who we requested every time we could because we tended to win when he was behind the wheel!

3.  Here is a sobering (and depressing thought) - The typical Division I Head Football coach salary will be more than total expenditures on a the Volleyball team (salaries, annual budget, scholarships, etc).  

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