November 1, 2011

Pass - Set - Spike

1.  The recent craziness of NCAA Division I Football Bowl Series (any question as to the dominance of Football over the NCAA is clearly shown that NCAA athletic programs are categorized as FBS or FCS) illustrates an organization which has lost its balance and strayed massively from its intent.  Football only conference memberships, suggested participation in conferences which are coast to coast apart and now Senatorial intervention.  As written recently in a USA Today article, it is the Theater of the Absurd.

2.  Injuries are the silent killer of good seasons.  Losing one key player is the difference between a historic season and a 'next year will be better' mentality for a majority of programs.  A few programs have the depth to absorb such bad luck, but for others, it is just a crushing blow.  Like Football teams not having contact in practice to avoid injuries, aware Volleyball coaches are focused on creating training environments which allow for skill developments while drastically reducing the odds of competition injuries.

3.  College Volleyball programs must be aware of how their court looks on television.  For example, I watched a Cal Berkeley match and I could barely discern the court lines because they were white and the wood floor had a very light and bright surface.  If anyone is a Cal Bears supporter, please shoot them a note requesting blue lines because it is tough to watch a match and not know if a ball is in our out.  Small things in our sport make a world of difference and the small things can be controlled.

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