October 24, 2011

Walk On Question

Hi Coach!

My daughter is a high school senior.  She has not played since sophomore year.  She will be graduating mid-term after Xmas.  We are looking at some smaller (most likely Div III or NAIA) schools for college.  She's had a rough couple of years and has turned her life around.  Can she just "show up" and try out for these teams, or is all hope of playing dead in the water since her HS career ended short?  She has good grades and good ACT/ SATs so academics is not an issue.  I know this would be a tremendous boost for her.  Possible or Pie in the Sky?

Any insights would be most appreciated!

Thanks, K.R.

It is possible, and since she is looking at DIII/NAIA, her odds are a bit better.  The challenge will be that she has not played for a couple of years and is just behind in her touches.

After she selects her school, then she should contact the coach and ask about walking on to the team.  Each program determines its own tryout protocol - Some hold a tryout day or days during the fall pre-season training, while others hold it sometime in the spring semester.  When she contacts the coach, he/she may ask for a tape or just tell her the protocol for the program.

The bottom line will be her talent - If she can assist the team in either practice or competition then she will have a good shot at being invited to join the team.  Again, this will be determined by her talent first, then her attitude second.

If she is sincere about wanting to play in college, she needs to start building back her skills.  The best and at this point, only valid option will be to join a club team.  Club Volleyball will also allow her to determine if she is ready to commit the amount of time needed to play college volleyball and also to determine if she can generate the skill sets needed.

You can find a Club Team in your region by looking at usavolleyball.org and linking to Juniors.  Or you can do a Google search and search for Volleyball Region in your state/city.  Each Region of USA Volleyball will have its own web page which will list all clubs - Where you live will determine if you will have of club options.

I believe a college team allows for a better transition to college life and provides some structure and discipline which assists students through their college years.  I hope things work out well for your daughter.

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