October 28, 2011

Recruiting Communication Part II

Hi Coach,
Just recently found your website and think it is a great service you are providing. I plan to look into getting your book soon too.
Our daughter is a junior middle hitter and has been in contact with many coaches at all levels since Sept 1st via email and has gone on a couple of unofficial visits. She sends out a weekly email update on the high school season to all of the coaches on her list since her team has been in the national rankings on and off this season. My question is when she emails the coaches, is it better to just contact the assistant who is listed as the "coach who handles recruiting" with all these emails or should she always email both the assistant and the head coach? I don't want her to bother the head coach if it is more appropriate to keep the contact mainly with the assistants at this point.

Thanks again for the great blog and advice you have been giving out to us parents!

Have your VolleyPSA send out the email updates to both the head and assistant coaches at the same time.  Assistant coaches have a habit of leaving programs for other opportunities and sometimes the head coaches are not in the loop on everything.  If you know that a program has a clear director of recruiting assistant, then just cc the head coach.

Good job communicating; this is key!  


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