October 10, 2011


1.  The Athletic Department providing a Volleyball program envious support has no conference definition.  Sure, the power conferences enjoy large resources, bigger coaching staffs and marketing/promotions departments with more than one person, but I have seen many power programs which just receive hot air, while many mid major schools have created wonderful playing environments for their teams.  Most Volleyball teams are not used to playing in front of a larger crowd, so when a team is a visitor and walks into a loud and proud arena, it translates into points for the home team.  To create this significant (and all to often unique) home court advantage takes pennies on the dollar for what athletic departments spend on football and men's basketball.

2.  Rally Score Volleyball is much like Tennis.  In tennis, the announcers always put up the statistic of Unforced Errors when analyzing a match, with the player making the least amount of unforced errors being in the lead.  In tennis, the unforced errors are double faults (missed serves) and volleys into the net (hitting errors).  With a point awarded on each completed Volleyball rally, the team which makes the least number of unforced errors will win the match.  Today's game is not so much about positive or great plays (even though these are remembered and cheered by the fans), it is about reducing the unforced errors which lead to victory.

3.  Heard from our Track coach just outside my office, as he was addressing some members of his Cross Country team which were late to practice and had missed a weight lifting session, "This makes me think that you either don't care or you are dumb.  If you don't care, then I will cut you and get some guys in here that do care.  If you are dumb, well, I can work with dumb".  Gotta love that ending line; I can work with dumb!

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