October 13, 2011

Inside College Volleyball Book Update

Quick update on Inside College Volleyball.

1) First of all, THANK YOU to all the VolleyFans and VolleyFamilies which have purchased the book, along with leaving such positive reviews on the Amazon.com site and in emails directly to me.  

2)  John, the editor of the book and former DI Volleyball coach, is running a blog site in support of Inside College Volleyball at www.insidecollegevolleyball.com/blog.  At this site, John is putting up additional information about recruiting, trends, suggestions and updates on the book.

3)  It has topped out in two Amazon.com rankings for Best New Volleyball Book and Volleyball catagory.

4)  I don't know if this is still valid, as it is an older post by John, but Amazon.com had cut the price of the book, so it was/is even more affordable.

Once again, thank you to everyone for your support!


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