August 17, 2011

Inside College Volleyball Request

If you have purchased a copy of Inside College Volleyball, I sincerely thank you.  I now go around introducing myself as an author which lends a veneer of sophistication my college years never produced!

I have a small request of any Readers who have purchased and finished the book - If you enjoyed the book, please do me the favor of posting a review (uber-positive with more stars than the Hollywood Walk of Fame!) on the site.  I am not an expert on internet nuances, but I am told that positive reviews play a big role in popularizing books on that site.

This is competitive, and a touch selfish, but I would love to see Inside College Volleyball reach the top of the Volleyball book category on!

If you did not like the book, please keep that information securely locked in your head and do not share that with anyone!

Should you and yours have a Darling Daughter going through the early parts of the Volleyball season, I hope that the practices and matches are safe and she is having fun.  I know on my end, the calendar year seems to drag after the season and then suddenly we are back into it going nuts!

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