July 13, 2011

VolleyFamily College Volleyball Feedback!

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack. ;)

First---so great to see you use Spanish on your site; "esta aqui". I remember you giving me a bit of (loving) flack for addressing you with "Hola" in my initial contact w/ you. BTW---that was 4 years ago. CRAZY scary how fast time flies by!? Kameron was in 8th grade and now heading into 12th. UGH.

I want all the time back. Loved every second of it. Many, many thanks to you and all the time you put into this site---as "stay present and enjoy the ride" resonated deeply with me, and fortunately I took your advice. No regrets just sad it went by faster than I thought possible.

Tip for readers: While I've been a huge fan and dare say stalker of your site---I've NEVER used the search engine until today. Simply because I didn't see it-bottom of screen on the far left. I'm confident you receive MANY redundant questions (as I myself have written plenty-sorry!) if your loyal readers/followers simply used this tool---it may help you.

Enjoy the calm….while it lasts. 

~A loyal fan

First of all, Thank You for the wonderful compliments and staying current with the site, along with providing feedback about your VolleyFamily's journey through the sometimes crazy world of Club Volleyball and College Volleyball recruiting.

Great tip on using the search box on the lower left of the site.  I probably should locate this feature on a better part of the page and will try to reconfigure the widgets.  I do receive a number of duplicate questions, which I do not mind at all, but sometimes my schedule gets a bit busy and I can't respond as quickly as I would want.  

While the search feature may not provide the exact answer to a VolleyFolk's question, at least it may give them some basic feedback to work with.

Time does fly by much too quickly...as my sore knees will attest!

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